Friday, November 13, 2015

High priced lawyer as Cabinet Minister = Traitor = Divided loyalties!

It is worth understanding that Lawyers who charge excessive fees in Colombo, tend to have both the time and money, to dabble in Politics, where they are able to use their oratorical skills to further their personal agendas at the expense of the hapless public who vote for them.

Sri Lanka’s history since Independence is replete with this scenario, and our voters do not seem to have yet learned this lesson.

Back then it was GG Ponnambalam a brilliant defence attorney who managed to successfully defend many murderers of his day, and save them from the gallows, who in the DS Senanayake Cabinet & Govt. had the cheek to ask for 50:50 for the Tamils of Sri Lanka and endear himself to the Tamils in the Jaffna Peninsula, as head of the Tamil Congress.

Today we have an extremely high priced Lawyer, Wijedasa Rajapakse who as Minister of Justice, is causing severe injustice as he is serving his paymaster, in preference to the Country’s justice system, which he has taken an oath uphold.

I requested the reader to read the information in the attached links to determine for him or herself the type of traitor we have in our midst, where he put profit before people, and still runs his law firm, under surrogates, where no one has any doubt who the principal is!

Let the reader note that lawyers’ first allegiance is to defend his client, and so his country gets short shrift when he or she is given responsibility to run a public institution. It is therefore apparent that it was WRONG for this man to be Made the Minister of Justice in the first place, as he is NOT impartial and is there to get as much for himself, prestige or any other personal goal he may have, but altruistic motive to be of service to his nation, is the furthest from his mind.

This is a good time to learn this lesson, about giving lawyers who have a practice, the ticket to contest, as they use the fees earned, most of which is undeclared for tax purposes to use politics as a further means of wealth gain!  


  1. This man is an idiot but he himself does not realize it as he thinks having two PhDs excludes him from having to answer to people!

    It is this arrogance that is being portrayed at present in his public utterances.

    Can someone please point out to him what a fool he has made of himself, but if weren't for the fact that he is our Country's Minister of Justice, I would not care. It is his position that he has undermined, rendering his presence in that position, untenable.

    As he does not seem to understand it, maybe the President should just fire him, and then the case will be closed. He will try to sue for quintillions, so let the nation AG on behalf of the President countersue and incarcerate him for obstructing justice!

  2. Third class lawyer response as ONLY a lawyer can to a real situation question of right and wrong and nothing to do with the law that can be twisted!

    Go to Rakitha Rajapakshe fb page to get the sordid details of a warped legal mind. Pathetic that a son needs to bat for a discredited father. Doesn't he realize that!