Monday, November 2, 2015

The Sri Lankan voter made political history – ALL IN VAIN

January 8th 2015 saw the electoral overthrow of the dictator Rajapakse, and the General Election that followed on August 17th verified this stance once again. The National Govt. a misnomer if ever there was one, actually just an alliance of the two main political parties of the UNP and SLFP, is in an uneasy alliance where the voters of both parties are completely disenchanted with the resulting color match!

The voter correctly judged the situation based on the rhetoric at the hustings and did the needful, but the resulting Government has NOT had the decency to explain the current imbroglio as to how it fits in with his expectations.

This has resulted in a massive scale of disgust with the elected/ appointed goons in high office, and a determination of the voters to teach this pack of animals a lesson! That is not what we want in Sri Lanka. We have had just too many lessons. 68 Years of Misery has resulted.

I for one want a reassurance that the Govt. represents the votes of 75% of the people, and THEY WILL carry out the expectations of those who voted for them. I am currently NOT being given that, and I am losing my patience.

There is one major failing of the voter, namely of expecting the absurd, that stuffing the State Sector with jobs for those who helped elect this motley crew is a given, and this has not transpired. This is definitely been a significant cause of friction and dissatisfaction. The explanation that the State is full of undesirables that cannot be fired is NOT good enough, as a few favorites have been given jobs, resulting in many unhappy campers, as the usual workers have been left out in favor of a few sycophants and last minute crossovers!

We don’t want a repeat of the Wickremesinghe Administration of 2004, where he improved the Economy, but lost out to people whose expectations were unfulfilled, as the stuffing of jobs was wanted, and instead the more economically correct attitude of efficient Government was unacceptable to the voters!

I want this Government to be stable, to survive, and to set the stage for major reforms that were promised, so that in 5 years we will not be discussing this issue anymore. In order to do this THEY MUST engage the public, include the public and empower the public, instead of ignoring them as pests as is done at present. I can’t help it if 68 years of political wrongdoings have left them uneducated! They just MUST do what is needed to keep the faith, reassure the doubting Thomases that we are following the right path! PLEASE INFORM!    

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  1. I hear you. Sounds like you hadn't realized how arrogant Ranil W could be.