Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The latest Twitter outburst - pitting Sajith and Harsha against reason and fair play. It does not pay to be someone else's lackey anymore!

The Sajith Premadasa Conundrum! The two faces of duplicity~

If further evidence was needed on my hypotheses, reinforced by the feelings on the ground in Sri Lanka (namely, that we cannot tolerate any person, being selected by voters at the next general election, who have ever served for even a day as an MP in the Sri Lanka Parliament’s history) I provide proof positive of the duplicitous character of the enigma, that is completely unsuitable as a leader for Sri Lanka, on a par with that scoundrel without an ounce of brain aka Namal Rajapakse!

The latest was the past 24 hour Twitter Frenzy caused by the completely unnecessary intervention of Sajith Premadasa to defend Maharajahs at their behest, when mercilessly attacked by Muhunthan Canagey. Harsha de Silva, foolishly or knowingly joined in the tirade against Canagey's allegations.

Canagey’s ire against Maharajahs is well known, the main reason being the granting of hugely valuable spectrum licenses for almost nothing in return for favors in Media for Maithripala Sirisena, through the TRC and his own brother at the helm of SLT.

For a bit of background, it was Maharajah’s Sirasa that gave credibility and stamp of authority for the Coup gone wrong carried out by MS and his band of ill-advised legal advisers, whose only goal was to destroy their arch enemy Ranil Wickremesinghe, even if they would take the whole Country down to their knees to achieve a personal vendetta.

It is clear that Maharajahs completely miscalculated the outcome of the Coup and now have egg on their face, however the duplicitous team that they are, have all their bases covered, and Sajith has been on their payroll, or at least their slave for as long as he has been in politics, thanks to the favors granted to them by President Premadasa in a quid pro quo basis.

So Kili Maharajah called in the favor, to damn Muhunthan Canagey’s allegation, and Sajith doing his masters bidding, along with Harsha de Silva who probably wants a few favors granted him too, fell for the bait and ruined their political careers all in a matter of minutes, WITHOUT thinking about the consequences for their future! Such cretins did this world produce, when our politicians are mere slaves of Oligarchs!

In today’s social media world these juveniles (nambis) don’t understand the sheer power of those who see through the charade and call a spade a spade, not worrying about who they are, as long as their actions are seen to be against the people of this Country and only pursuing an agenda of their masters, who are now REVILED as the EXCRETA of our society. (Sajith backing Excreta)