Monday, October 31, 2016

The worst crime is to use your supposed intellect to fool! Others or Yourself

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the people we thought were beyond reproach, in terms of moral character, and commonsense are in fact charlatans!

Into this cacophony of voices, I must add the likes of Eran Wickremaratne, Harsha de Silva, Ajith Perera all Ministers in the present Government.

The first law that must be amended is the life tenure of Government Servants who cannot be sacked! It is this fact of devastating LIFERS that has ruined this Country, with incompetent Govt. Servants who cannot be gotten rid of that is affecting every aspect of public life, especially in cleaning up corruption that is rampant amongst them, and then the inefficiency  which is only second to corruption. This should start with getting rid of everyone in the Central Bank from deterrring others to join to steal. Not one person has mentioned the possibility of this being the source of the BOND SCANDAL.

In the past week they have all pontificated on the COPE report, and have made wild and unsubstantiated statements to the media, merely to play to the Gallery and in that have also become believers in their own lies, as coming out with the truth somehow does not look good in the eyes of the people they represent, who are to put it mildly without a FRONTAL LOBE.

These people who one would have given credence to, now have joined the devoid of the frontal lobe majority, leaving it to posterity to prove them wrong on all counts of their posturing on this issue.

Why oh why has everyone NOT been able to clear up a procedural error that lead to a mammoth loss of revenue to the Government and NOT blame a sharp enterprise that was able to benefit from that error of judgement. If they colluded it has to be from within the Central Bank surely.

To fall into the trap of finding fault with people who make money, and of whom EVERY TRANSACTION is carefully scrutinized by the Central Bank Supervision Department, is plain CRAZY.

Why is it that a Company is singled out for belittlement and accusation of fraud? How can you defraud the Central Bank? It is only the Central Bank that can defraud itself by making BAD DECISIONS.

YOU JUST CANNOT BLAME AN OUTSIDE PARTY, in this case a Primary Dealer for the sins of omission or commission on the part of the Central Bank.

Why is it so hard to blame the CENTRAL BANK for making a mistake, willful or foolishly?

Let us say there was collusion, then it is the Governor who should be singled out, and the Company ONLY once the evidence is CLEAR that the Governor or any other member of the Central Bank was colluding. Why is it so hard to make that connection or find the proof? Surely the bank balances and assets of all Central Bankers MUST be open to inspection and questioning if there was something discovered that was not legitimate.

I repeat that every transaction of the Primary Dealers are scrutinized, and they have to submit MONTHLY accounts to the CBSL, and so nothing that comes out is a surprise. By tomorrow, the CBSL will know if Perpetual Treasuries has made a Billion last month. Say they have, and it is leaked, these dumb three aforementioned Ministers will say it is fraudulent and the money should be confiscated. ON WHAT GROUNDS? Keep on dreaming.

If they make such a ridiculous statement, then there is NO HOPE for Sri Lanka, as no one is allowed to make money using their own clever trading instincts, which obviously this triumvirate of brain dead politicians don't have, as they cannot even recognize the possibility of such.

There is some mismatch in our society, where profit seems to be a bad word in Sri Lanka. If that is so, then there is NO incentive for anyone to go out of their way to make a company successful, as it is frowned upon, and therefore you will NOT find anyone wishing to invest in a Country with such a sick mentality. In the end the Govt, will not get any Revenue as you have to have profits to tax, as losses cannot be taxed and revenue raised. A country can only survive if people actualy make profits.

How can anyone say, that after so much inquiry, there is still a possibility of fraud on the part of Perpetual Treasuries? Pray on what grounds? It is a sheer callous assumption, with NO possibility of evidence either.

I know that in this instance it is NOT popular to tell the truth, when the majority of people believe lies, and so to go against the grain is considered too risky. It is time for them to accept this statement and come clean, rather than follow the herd to their inevitable annihilation.

In CONCLUSION it is wholly repugnant for someone to accuse someone of doing something wrong, without exactly explaining with certainty what this wrong, or crime is. If intelligent, or actually supposedly intelligent MORONS persist in making this kind of statement, without the logical tail of explaining exactly what the misconduct is, is tantamount to the JO and others mouthing off on topics they know nothing about.

So I conclude that we do not have anyone in our Parliament with a modicum of common sense or brain to know where they have erred and accept their incompetence with dignity, and continue to persist in hiding their incompetence by making ever more unbelievable allegations, using their bully pulpit of expert authority in the manner!

The Media is complicit in going this route, of MASS PUBLIC MISINFORMATION


Time for mass removal of all in Parliament and replacement with a wholly new set to get the Country moving again.

Trump to win the Popular Vote and Clinton to bag the Electoral College!

What address would you prefer to have? 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC or 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC?

Well, 1600 is the White House, while 1100 is the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC which was conveniently opened last week at what was the OLD POST OFFICE BUILDING.

Just check it out. It is far grander than the White House, and this is where Trump would be based in his fight against Hilary Clinton, just a few blocks away, challenging her election, as being fraudulent. Just check the latest tracking poll out yesterday, 30th October 2016 if you doubt it to see the direction this juggernaut is going in.

Little wonder then that Trump was unwilling to accept the Election Results IF it went against him, on the Grounds, as it will show now that he has had a greater amount of the POPULAR vote than Hilary Clinton, and would be the moral winner.

It is going to be an unusual fight, as Trump will be in his true to form showmanship, presiding over future News Conferences from Trump International in a mock Oval Office, challenging the very core of the US Democratic System!

For followers of REALITY TV this will be the treat of all treats of the DRAMA being played out in the open, all pre-planned by the Trump Team and you can imagine the TV rights have already been allocated, and is going to be the biggest windfall of all for Donald Trump, who really does not want to get into the nitty gritty of Governing, as it is far too stressful, and it is easier for him to make money from the situation, which was his original intent in entering the race, which even he in his dreams did NOT think will come this far.

It is truly sad that Hilary just blew every chance she had to run a boring campaign of old time politics, because of the scandals that have bogged her and sapped all her energy leaving her looking like a broken wasted mop of hair.

Trump on the other hand has NOT let all the accusations bog him down, by simply deflecting them back at his accusers, creating pure theater for the audience who just cannot wait to switch on to his antics at prime time.

It is well known that Trump has contributed to the ratings increase at this Presidential Election, and you can bet anything that he has already cashed in big time from this deliberate strategy of running an election campaign on the lines of a reality TV program. Hilary would not know what has hit her till the END.

The link below shows that the Millenials are beginning to have second thoughts about Hilary Clinton at this stage. This is her core following! What next?


Sunday, October 30, 2016

COPE REPORT – The real crooks are still at large, not even being mentioned

The General Public by and large were baying for the blood of the former Governor of the Central Bank, to be implicated by COPE for the Bond Scandal, and they appeared to have got what they asked for, but is that the whole story?

The former Governor for his part has said that he will return from Singapore to clear his name from this implied indiscretion that has been the talking point in Columbian circles since it blew up well over 20 months ago, and could well have prevented the UNF from obtaining an overall majority in the Parliament at the General Election in the following August.

Those responsible for the Auction, the Public Debt Department of the Central Bank, have yet to answer for their sins, as it is they in the end who have since “Time Immemorial” called for offers to purchase the Bonds from Primary Dealers, who IN THE END decide who does and who does not get allocated the Bonds that are sold to raise funds for the Government.

If common sense was to return to this argument, without any personal agenda, then it MUST be accepted that during the previous Government’s tenure, their political appointment (just as Mahendran was this Government’s political appointment) of Nivaard Cabral should be held responsible for the way the rules were circumvented where instead of having auctions, they determined how much, what rate, as well as who should be given the allocation of the Bond sales to which Primary Dealer!

Now it is for the Attorney General, acting as the Government’s Prosecutor, to determine if there is a prima facie case to charge Mahendran for any impropriety and if so, let the Court determine if Mahendran in guilty, having regard to all the evidence available in this regard. It is only fair for the Country, Mahendran and also for Perpetual Treasuries, the company that was allocated the Bonds, after bidding for them, that this be so! Otherwise JUSTICE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN SEEN TO BE DONE, LET ALONE DONE!

It is obvious that the sins of the past Regime with regard to the issuance of Bonds, has conveniently been forgotten and the Role of the then Governor, the connivance of the Public Debt Department and any Primary Dealer, who would be party to any insider trading scam/scheme on a long term basis, would NEVER see the light of day. Due to forced nature of allocation, and the lack of auctions to determine market rates of interest, this will not permit a calculation of a LOSS, even if large losses were incurred by the STATE.
One MUST be cognizant of the fact that one of the Government’s and Mahendran’s chief critics, former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank was in a senior position at the Central Bank during that time, and appeared to have played ball with the gross improprieties at that time, but who now mysteriously is being used as an expert in this matter. In reality, it was he who wanted that position of Governor, and since he did not get it, has had a serious case of antagonism since.

I would like to point out at this stage, that I was of the opinion (as mentioned in this blog on January 12th 2015) that Mahendran SHOULD NOT be given a position in the Treasury or CBSL due to the conflict of interest of Perpetual Treasuries being the most significant Primary Dealer even then. On January 16th Arjun Aloysius the former Governor’s son in law, resigned his directorship of Perpetual Treasuries, to cover this shortcoming, however it still would NOT pass the test “for justice to have been seen to be done.”

If the Prime Minister is to be faulted, it is on this point that he erred, which time has proved to have been a colossal error of judgment for which he has already paid a heavy price in the Court of Public Opinion. Let me at the same breadth report that the Prime Minister firmly believes, as he did then, that auctions were the best way to go forward in the issuance of Bonds, where the market chooses the rate, and the fact that other Primary Dealers had not bid in sufficient quantity is what resulted in Perpetual being allocated such a large offering at the high rate that resulted.

Let me add that as it was the first of these auctions on the new basis, the equilibrium interest rate had NOT yet been determined at that time, and though it seemed higher initially, the rate settled from thereon. Perpetual merely took advantage of the lack of interest amongst the other Primary Dealers, to bid at the rates they did, and at the final call it would be the CBSL right to accept or deny these bids, which they accepted.

It is for the Court to determine, if Mahendran had any say in the rate, and amount of bids to be accepted, and if so, whether that amounts to collusion, or error of judgment in hindsight, as Mahendran cannot be found guilty of having personally enriched himself from this transaction, by any stretch of the imagination. This is where COPE HAS NOT looked into the possibility of any collusion or passing of information by any senior member of the CBSL, who may in reality be the source of this problem or SCANDAL in the first place. Hiding under the cloak of Government Servants, these people who were suspected of acting in concert with Nivard Cabral, are still in senior positions of the CBSL today. 

This is a REAL BOND SCANDAL and seems to have escaped the cretins also known as the Columbian Performing Pontificating Pundits, like Chandra Jayaratne, if I was to name one who is respected, reported upon and used as evidence by the literaaty or a person, who knows what he is talking about, but who either out of senility or envy, has grossly missed the point! 

Can we then expect any more from the Media, Parliamentarians, and the General Public?

I would seriously appreciate a differing point of view on this as it goes to the heart of our Sri Lankan disease, which prevents true GOOD GOVERNANCE, not Chandra Jayaratne's Hallucinating Dreams, from being embraced by one and all. My desire is for true Government of the People by the People, for the People and we somehow seem to have lost it in translation here.

Think about it, it is like a conspiracy of the Government and all opposition parties to hang all their rhetoric on this SINGLE ISSUE at the expense of Gross Abuse of power, Corruption, and mismanagement that continues unabated, and thereby FOOL THE PUBLIC into believing that this is a huge scandal, because it is easy to convince where (so called) eminent persons have for reasons unknown been able to be roped into the same frame of mind.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bond Scam - COPE and all the Bull Shit

While I said in this Blog on 12 January 2015 not to put Arjuna Mahendran in a compromising situation due to his son in law's investment in the largest Bond Trader in Sri Lanka, no one listened then. So he was appointed the Governor of CBSL. We know what happened, but do we?


The rest is mere garbage, which is innuendo by people who have an agenda, which unfortunately the General Public Embraced as Gospel from that point. Nothing that the Govt. does to convince otherwise will or has worked and that is why we have to deal with it after 18months, when it should have been clarified, put to bed, and file closed within two weeks of the allegation surfacing. 

Sri Lanka has paid a HUGE PRICE for the lies that Press have put out which are EASY for people, especially for the people who think they know! to believe. This is where the brain is not talking but the heart. IT MUST HAVE HAPPENED NO!  NO IT DID NOT HAPPEN. If only people knew that father-in-law and son-in-law have NO relationship at all, except one married the others daughter, and that is all to it, not more that the people have tried to pin. 

READ ON to go back to basics, as we have now lost the wood from the Trees and the poor UNP MPs have got their knickers in a twist trying to placate ignorant UNP followers before they can preach to their foes.

I am sorry to have to go through this but most of the commentators have yet to enter pre-school, so they have to be reminded of the procedures and reality, and the facts that have so far come to light.

I am sure the readers know that COPE is merely a collection of MPs of the Parliament of Sri Lanka and in this case tasked with investigating if a crime took place on the so-called BOND SCAM. So what they report is their opinion that is merely a political viewpoint, whether you are JVP, UNP, SLFP, TNA or JO! 

So please don't have high expectations, even though they have sworn the take an oath they really don't understand what that means, due to their level of education. Example being taking duty free vehicles, let alone selling them for a profit, that go completely against the SPIRIT of the Oath!

What they recommend is their opinion. It is up to the Attorney General who knows what can be done within the Law of Sri Lanka to determine under which section of the penal code a prosecution can be made IF FORCED to as in this case. 

A criminal prosecution is what the General Public are screaming for, despite the lack of convictable evidence, the AG will probably use a Public Property line where there is a NON-bailable charge and arrest (remember it is still a Kangaroo Court when you do not have evidence and politics determines arrest) and bring before a Magistrate's Court, and will be remanded for say 2 weeks!

Here you cannot just arrest the Directors of Perpetual, you  have to have complicity, this is ONLY one side of a transaction. You have to arrest the former Governor,(you will not find any evidence of him financially benefiting) or a senior Member of the Central Bank who has leaked this information(You can find evidence of financial benefiting). Then all hell will break loose because the TRUTH will finally come out. It is the Central Bank STUPID who is wholly to blame for making an ass of themselves, by allowing a company to bid on Bonds THEY OFFERED at a high rate of interest.( All along you have found the bidder guilty, not the auctioneer! How Come?) 

Remember all this is done openly, and the facts are all there for all to see, with plenty of witnesses. It is the "law of the jungle" of the PUBLIC that is leading to this Kangaroo situation, and clear distraction from the real corruption that takes place each and every day. Think of the corrupt people, who must be laughing all the way to the Bank seeing this charade, that the Public have now sadly INFLICTED on themselves to feel good.

It is then for the AG to search for the evidence that is admissible in a Court, and you can be sure he will ONLY do so if he can find sufficient incontrovertible evidence. That is NOT the circumstantial likelihood that JO Public is implying took place!

Eventually the case will be dropped for lack of evidence, unless someone can actually prove beyond reasonable doubt that insider trading occurred.

Then Perpetual and its directors will sue the AG's office, Central Bank and the Media for about Rs10B for false imprisonment and defamation of character, because of the trumped up charges the poor AG is forced to make, despite his better judgement, due to the BAYING OF THE CRETINOUS GENERAL PUBLIC!

If you are a reasonably intelligent person with a modicum of knowledge of the law, you will think about it, before coming to your own conclusion. You don't have to believe a word I say, just rationalize the facts and make up your mind. This is NOT an emotional reaction, merely what can and cannot be done.

PRESIDENT SIRISENA - You now understand I hope why the Bribery Commission or the FCID have not brought out a case on this issue. For lack of evidence! I don't have to remind you of this today. Your legal advisers if they were worth anything should have told you that over a year ago, and we are still dragging this story when more urgent matters are left undone. 


The TRUTH ALWAYS fails to connect with the people, who have been brought up on a dose of lies, and that applies to the Politicians, Legal Fraternity, Public Servants, Media, and Academia, so how can we expect any better from the General Public.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

COPE REPORT - It is important you don't cause a financial crisis

It is obvious that through out this whole saga of the "Bond Scandal" which should read the Central Bank Incompetency Scandal but does not sound as sexy, NO OTHER PRIMARY DEALERS HAVE EMERGED TO FILL THE VOID. NO Risk takers around, why be a risk taker and make profits, when there are so many envious people who hate people making money because they are just smarter!

Therefore it is still, as it is today, left ONLY for Perpetual Treasuries to bid and make money, while the other lazy Primary Dealers have long lunches, and laugh at the way the ignorant public comment on these deals, as being outrageous. They get a vicarious pleasure when Perpetual is hauled over the coals, for nothing they did, except make some big money.

IF Perpetual take revenge and do not bid on any more Bonds for a while, the interest rate is going to climb, the Sovereign Rating is going to take a dive, our interest payments will rise, and all the while the idiots who comment on this with no knowledge, will laugh, while their birthright is being stolen from under them by their simple minded incompetence. Talk about educating the natives!

The US attitude would be for more players to join in this Bond Game, in Sri Lanka the attitude is for the existing Primary Dealers to get together and change the system to what it was before,  to merely divvying up the Bonds amongst themselves with NO RISK, and the Sri Lankan people will in the end receive less.

Has anyone forgotten the days before Bond Auctions, where the issue of Bonds were merely rationed and forced down the throats of the State Institutions at low interest rates. This in turn means low interest rates for the public who save at National Savings Bank and others.

So if I have a commentator who is baying for the blood of Perpetual, because he wants a return to the old system and he just so happens to have parked his money at NSB he is NOT the one having the last laugh! We are laughing at his ignorance. CRETIN

So when we allow the ATA PASS lot to opine on something even they know very little about, and they have no clue when they say to arrest Perpetual, who should be arrested and on what grounds, as NO crime has been committed, while all the while the people have been convinced by these ATA pass that a crime has in fact been committed! It is so easy to fool the Columbians its not funny.

It is this kind of childish action on the part of the people supposed to lead people who are simpleminded, namely the Columbians, that puts at RISK the whole external financing of Sri Lanka.

With a US 50B foreign debt, that will become more expensive to repay, let not the BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS OF THE SRI LANKAN POPULATION BE ON THE MEMBERS OF COPE, because they wanted to nail someone for political reasons, just to get even with their nemesis Ranil Wickremesinghe, who even I have referred to as a stubborn SOB for appointing Mahendran in the first place, and I made that statement on January 12th 2015 even before he was appointed, in this blog. Long before any implied BOND SCANDAL either!

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction FOLKS, so act with caution and NOT WITH MALICE that seems to have overcome a simple case of a cock up in the CBSL.

Oh How ignorant art thou? General Public!

The ignorance of the General Public is so massive, that they seem to fail to understand that anything coming out of COPE is merely political, from politicians, bent on reinforcing a political agenda, and therefore CANNOT BE TRUSTED IN THE SRI LANKAN CONTEXT

Once the public have already made up their minds on a subject they know nothing about, but which people they appear to trust are pontificating on, it is all the more important that at least the people they trust do actually report the truth. When the media in their blissful ignorance have opined otherwise, the truth gets lost.  They maintain this was a huge daylight robbery perpetrated against the state, SO people, and especially educated people who should at least have a brain to understand between the lines on something as simple as a bond trade, chose NOT to, and take as fact the opinions of cretins in the Media, so full of themselves but full of BS (BULL SHIT OR BOND SCAM take your pick).

In the Bond Scam issue, it is lies piled up upon lies, so much so that the actual crooks, those gentlemen or people at least pretending to be gentlemen, the lifers who serve for life in the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL FOR SHORT) get off scot free.


IF the auctioneer is the fraud, how can you blame the person who bids, even if he is the only person who bids, and especially if he bids for more items than that on offer. It is up to the auctioneer  to determine if he has some extra stuff hidden, which he wants to give at the same price or not.

It is mind boggling to lay the blame on a person who buys at an auction, and then sells the product for twice that on the next day, to say they should be arrested for making a profit. Actually it is the auctioneer who should be arrested.

The politicians have failed to explain this simple concept, and the intellectual snobs have subscribed greatly to this ignorance, as they are livid that someone can make so much money in a few minutes based on buying and selling bonds. What happens when they lose money? (Serves them right mentality prevails!)

This automatically makes them green with envy, coming to the conclusion that they somehow indulged in some foul play or MUST HAVE BROKEN THE LAW.

I know in the end this will come to nothing as there is NO break in the law, except in technicalities of exceeding borrowing limits etc. for which small fines can be levied, and that too due more in part to the lax behavior of CBSL employees also known as (aka) lazy babies with a grudge.

This is an appeal to the people who have a little bit of common sense left, to ask oneself, how someone can defraud the Central Bank in the purchase of Bonds, as it is the Bank that decides every aspect of the BOND - Namely the Price, the term, the amount, the interest rate, and who to allocate it to!


BOND DEAL: Commercial Bank’s Rs5B debt issue oversubscribed. Time the CBSL Babies do the same!

We were just informed that the Commercial Bank issue of Rs5B of listed debentures was oversubscribed 2 times, and so they will go up to Rs7B.
While the cretins at the Central Bank have been able to craftily shift the blame of their incompetence to Perpetual Treasuries, if they did what Commercial Bank just did, NO ONE will be the loser and the Country will GAIN.

So how about doing this openly for public bidding? I am using this example to explain to the uninitiated General Public how a simple form of debt auction is done. It is clear if there was some favoritism, then it is ALL THE FAULT OF THE CENTRAL BANK STAFF WHO ALLOCATE WHO GETS HOW MUCH, that is at the heart of the abuse. That is how the illegal Private Placements were done by Nivaard Cabraal for so many years, over 6 years I think. Where is the shouting about that?

It is this simple concept that the COPE chairman, who relied on the Auditor General’s comments, does not understand. The Auditor General on the other hand does not appear to have totally understood how important his words are in making his determination of matters such as a loss or profit to the CBSL, because is completely depends on the supply and demand and the prevailing market rates.

So if we take this example above, one can say that Commercial Bank priced their Listed Debenture too favorably, and if they priced it at 11.5% instead of the 5 years at 12% and 10 years at 10.25% it would have been better!

IT IS EASY TO SECOND GUESS and rates and perceptions vary on a daily BASIS, and this is where the PRIMARY DEALERS COME IN to take some of the risk out of the guessers at the Central Bank. Therefore the Auditor General is WRONG to lay the blame on Perpetual for any loss, as it is the CENTRAL BANK which decides HOW MUCH, AT WHAT RATE, TERM to allot.


It is time some respectable people, and NOT JOKERS LIKE WA WIJEWARDENA to opine on this matter, and once and for all shut these know it all KNOW NOTHING Columbian Over Educated Johnnies out of their ignorance.

It is truly SHAMEFUL that so many ignorant people have determined, that due to the Press which is the MOST ignorant, and have NOT done their job of explaining what it is that was wrong, that a crime in fact took place. 


If you read the attached links you can see how ignorant everybody is. COPE especially, but also the Auditor General and most of all the General Public, in the behavior of the CENTRAL BANK IN THEIR COMPLICITY IN CRIME, and WHO SHOULD ALL BE IN JAIL FOR THEIR WANTON LYING IN LEADING EVERYONE ASTRAY!   TAKE ACTION AGAINST WHOSE WRONG DOING? CBSL's

Monday, October 24, 2016

Two avoidable deaths in Jaffna – The police still have a lot of work to do to improve their image

It is very sad that the first instincts subsequent to the killings was to cover it up. It shows how stupid some people in the Police Force are, and their inability to comprehend that this was NOT an option in 2016, as it is NOT MARA on top!

Secondly, this cover-up and later intervention by the PRESIDENT to overturn the obvious inconsistencies, has put the reputation of the Police Force on its 150th anniversary back into the gutter, despite the strenuous efforts of the IGP to build a moral case of “matters are now different” which he has pledged to uphold.

Thirdly, there is NO reason why the POLICE should even shoot at a pair in a motor-bicycle because they were NOT a threat, and if true simply disobeyed an order to stop. It sickens me when people like Nishantha Warnasinghe use some other example where suspects were shot in a bygone age where security was a problem with a war going on as justification for this in 2016, no matter whether it is in the South or North. 

The fact that it was Jaffna, and two Tamil undergraduates merely heightens the angst especially amongst the Tamil population as yet another instance of POLICE use of excessive force. Who can contradict that, even if it was not meant to be and NOT TRUE?

Frankly for the Daily Mirror to even report on Mervyn Silva’s opinion on the manner was poor judgment as the man is damaged goods, who is incapable of making a worthy contribution to such a debate.

The attack of two Govt. intelligence services officers in Chunnakam, soon thereafter adds more spice to the story, with NO clear explanation of what they were doing there, and that too is to the Govt.’s discredit!

It is time we get a grip on this and ensure that justice is done, without delay, which demonstrates the Govt.’s commitment to Good Governance, and showcase to the world that they will NOT tolerate ANY indiscretion amongst the forces who are duty to bound to uphold the law. 

Ironically it was the Forces that encouraged Tamil youth to indulge in alcohol, so that they become dependent, who now due to that weakness have let themselves be killed by the self same apparatus. It is also time the Tamil community stop playing politics and help the people they represent. Serious consideration MUST be given to how policing is done. We must rule out the fact that these Police Officers at their post were NOT also inebriated, so that their judgement was compromised in this stupid behaviour that lead to the death of two young people. A life is a life, and we MUST not allow death as inevitable, due to carelessness on anyone's part. 

What if the youth were NOT inebriated and still chose not to stop at that late hour? Imagine if you are Tamil and are asked to stop by Sinhala Police in Jaffna at that hour. Your judgment may say better not stop, as they are likely to harass, drunk or not. Put yourself in their shoes for once, something all potential aggressors MUST do in being able to evaluate a situation. Clearly the weapons were with those who used it, and so they were in a dominant role of power, not fighting a hidden enemy. Their lack of training and discretion clearly shows.

SWIFT JUSTICE is the only way to save face in this issue, as the perpetrators do not appear to want to tell the truth for some reason. DO NOT LET IT FESTER, because it can only lead to MORE UNPLEASANTNESS and there are many who wish to use this as an excuse to inflame passions for their benefit.

2 articles worth reading about this issue

The leaked COPE Report – giving the COPE Chairman’s point of view!

This is a highly politicized document, by POLITICIANS. An opinion that will NOT stand as evidence even in a Court of Law, but which the General Public have mistakenly taken as the final judgement!

It is time that someone has the guts to explain this as NOT a fact but an opinion, and mention the names and the parties those who signed off on this opinion only.

Do not mislead the Public, as they will believe this hogwash without question, and that is bad for democracy if guilt is presumed in a court of kangaroos. It would have been at least good journalism, if both or all three reports were leaked at the same time to remind people that there are different opinions, and all are by people who are mere amateurs at offering them, with their own agendas. There simply is NO balance in reporting. Colombo Telegraph being particularly guilty of taking sides, on something they really don’t know anything about, but which they have a blind following amongst the KNOW NOTHING know it alls!

The journalists are highly irresponsible for merely pitching this as a story that is now 18 months stale, while the Country is being robbed as we speak by people never being mentioned by them! Why are they worried that they will be sued?

Name and shame time has come. This is a convenient distraction from the real broken yahapalanaya promises, where the evidence is far more cast iron to convict. Why is that NOT happening?

It is clear that a few contrary points of view are not reported, especially by biased reporting in papers such as the Sunday Times, which normally tries to be more objective, but here it seems that the Editor has either been nobbled, or is past his sell by date when it comes to matters of FINANCE.

Perpetual would have made money whether or not Mahendran was in the Central Bank. This has nothing to do with Mahendran, except for his introducing the Auction system prevailing the world over, in an environment where competition was weak due to the incompetence of the State Institutions. As the PM has said time and time again, don’t blame Perpetual for making money, if other Institutions with far greater access to funds did NOT take advantage of the same opportunity to bid. It is this simple premise that the UNP MP’s are sticking to. The only point I will fault the PM on is his appointment of Mahendran in the first place, because his son-in-law was heading a Primary dealership. Therefore there is a conflict of interest, and I pointed this out here, on January 12th 2015 three days into the new Govt.

Had the PM heeded my advice none of this would have occurred. Yes, Perpetual made money due to this void. However do not try and lay the blame on Mahendran. When you get people who think they can second guess in COPE, but do not understand that CBSL itself is rife with unsavory characters holding office, who were compromised during the previous administration, they have conveniently slipped out of prosecution! Why?

They MAY be part of the problem even NOW since Perpetual is still making money with NO Mahendran around. Doesn’t anyone here have any common sense to see the irony of this point? It is sad when we really do not have ANY journalist, who really understands financial transactions and is able to weigh the pros and cons. The reporters are investigative journalists with NO financial nouse! Pretty pathetic ha, repeating what others merely say!

It is time the Excreta is cleaned out of the Central Bank in order to return to Good Practice, and I do not see ONE journalist suggest that! Why? they too are ATA PASS like the LOT in Parliament. Can you expect a reasoned argument under the circumstance? Everyone is parroting the same argument for over 18 months now!

CONCLUSION – The guilty have NOT even been identified by COPE, they still hold senior positions in the Central Bank. It is time they are outed. We must clean out the stables and start again. It is disgraceful that some of our highest paid civil servants need to make money illegally, because for them their salaries are NOT enough.

When their gravy train stopped after Cabraal, they had it in for Perpetual and Mahendran. CBSL staffers’ lies is the thread that COPE hung their hat on. Time they ask the right questions first. Problem – They don’t know what questions to ask. It is the blind leading the blind, and until blind men leave parliament we cannot progress as a Country.

A state bank could have made as much money if they bid at auction. Its never too late, bid NOW, don’t leave it to Perpetual to make the call and make the money, while you are still warming your desks unwilling to bat for the Country.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Final Debate – A verdict – Neither deserve to be POTUS

If this was the best the USA can do in 2016, should I say, may God help the USA or the WORLD! It was purely and simply a disgrace.

Even Sri Lankan political arguments have more content and coverage. No problems really resolved, and as the Candidates positions on the 2nd Amendment (The Constitutional Right to Bear Arms) and on Abortion were clearly well known and so were NOT worth even being asked. There was NO give or take on this at all. Then when it came to the allegations of Sex abuse, Trump said what was expected, that it was all made up by Hilary’s team, or that the accusers wanted their 10 minutes in the limelight, and so were NOT true and not worth commenting! As for Hilary with Bill’s sexual proclivities, she simply dodged the subject big time, and Trump let her off the hook, to his credit or his downfall, depending on which side you are on.

As for Isis, it was trading insults with the Don implying Hilary created ISIS, by leaving a vacuum in Iraq, and Hilary on the other hand using his Russian bait as cover.

Frankly, on Mosul, on Aleppo, and the Middle East in general it was clear that Hilary was on the defensive as she really had NO real suggestions of what the US should do, bearing in mind, that Russia, now has the upper hand, definitely backing Assad, while the US has NO BODY to hand their hat on. Even the Saudi action in Yemen is an embarrassment to US policy.

While much has been hyped by the donkeys in the Media, about Trump saying he is leaving everyone in suspense, on whether he will accept the result of the election, it is assumed that Clinton will win. He is right NOT to get into unnecessary answers to questions, as ANYTHING can happen between now and November 8th and if Trump wins, why does he have to bother even answering if the Clinton camp cry foul?

Trump can only rise from this debacle and Clinton can only fall further with people’s resentment of the campaign ads that will be her downfall, and not her rise. 

It is therefore important that the campaign remains civilized, and press do not harp on about the Trump accusers and his treatment of women, as that has NO bearing on who should be POTUS, and if he is unfairly attacked for a known human failing, many previously Hilary friendly voters are going to switch sides, if her campaign gets nasty, living up to her moniker of NASTY HILARY! 

What is worse? I will let you decide!

I found these two reports equally funny, as to the stupidity of people but for different ways.

They are very different, but they both make statements that are outrageous and there are people who actually believe them, and act upon that belief.

The first was merely taking a currency note turning it upside down, and taking photo of it and then posting on e bay and seeing MORONS not realizing their mistake and bidding it up to 8,000 pounds for a five pound note! It just shows people don’t understand a simple upside down photograph, let alone being cautious in such a situation.

What does it say about people? Greed written all over, as hardly anyone purchases it to keep, they only want to sell at an even higher price, surely to another, believing the value to be even more than they bid.

Does it not reflect the level our society has stooped to, and money is now the God Father of life, and many don’t seem to value anything else in life.

The second was on the same page, when a Billionaire owner of a chain of department stores has the audacity to say, that after stripping out the chain of all the realizable assets, the man sells the whole company for ONE POUND to a person who is a serial bankrupt and has the gall to say that it was an “HONEST MISTAKE”.

This by a wily businessman who over years has dabbled in buying and selling stores and who at one time has built a whole portfolio of chain stores, before the profitability of such in light of internet purchases started to disappear.

He therefore disposed of it to a shady character, who thought he could strip what was left of it, in such a way that he took assets, leaving the store with the liabilities with NO option but to file for bankruptcy.

If someone with such a reputation can even make a statement like this, then we are all brilliant businessmen! He has ashamedly destroyed a business employing thousands of people and wantonly managed to ease out of having any future liability by this disposal, which will turn out to be one he knew was merely to get him off the hook. Obviously he has it coming for him!  

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The last of the three Presidential Debates tonight in Las Vegas!

19th October 2016

I hope to watch this debate tomorrow morning Sri Lankan time, IF the rain does not play havoc with the TV signal on CNN!

The reality is that the two worst candidates in US History are vying to be the next President of the United States, when there is overwhelming opinion, that if Michelle Obama had been the third candidate in this election, she would have won by a mile, as even she, a strong articulate black women, could win over otherwise TRUMP voters too! To say nothing of the fact that Hilary would not even be on the starting line.

It is a terrible indictment that the most powerful country on earth has not been able to field a halfway decent candidate to be President. So when one of them is elected, HOW CAN THEY RISE FROM THESE ASHES of their past, rotten to the core!

I will be watching for entertainment value, NOT for any policy proposals that I would like to see or hear. When Trump brings in Obama’s Kenyan brother with whom he does not have a lot to do, as one of his along with the widow of a Benghazi fallen victim, what is that meant to show?

Ratings value in millions with only a showplace like LAS VEGAS can stage, where the stakes are at the tables and not at the hall, where it will just be of fun value, and stakes being wagered would be on who would win the latest battle of smut?

This world has turned turtle, and politics is ONLY a dirty word now, where ever you go and which ever country you are pointing your finger at. This makes dictatorship look positively welcoming, as it is predictable, and in more sense than one, has an atmosphere of calm stability due to the fear of repression, leading the citizenry to refrain from POLITICAL ACTIVISM.

The will of the people gets lost in this mess of words, of money, of media and of UTTER CONFUSION. Even some foreign media has resorted to merely comparing the planes in which the candidates descend on Mclaren International airport in Las Vegas! This seems at least of conversational interest. WHAT A WORLD WE LIVE IN? SIMPLY CRAZY ISN’T IT?

What a mess?

With the resignation of the Director General of the Bribery Commission, and the possible resignation of others of the Commission, the public are wondering what is going on.

On top of this another arm, has arrested and bailed out Thirukumar Nadesan, a person who is highly connected to both the previous Rajapakse administration, not merely because he happens to be the husband of Nirupama Rajapakse, but because of his wheeler dealer reputation, and then some!

He is also known to have been a broker of last resort in persuading MR to leave TT upon losing the election, and is reputed to have brought in Ranil into TT to negotiate a face saving exit.

No more about him here, as it is not relevant to the point I am trying to make.

The need of the hour is for the President and PM immediately upon his return from Brussels is to issue a statement reassuring the public that investigations will continue, as before, and if a crime has been committed, and clearly the investigations are being carried out independently of either the President or PM, the responsible officials will prosecute the crimes under the law of the land.


Some explanation for the delay in these obvious cases coming to trial, and the Sajin Vaas and Wimal Weerawansa cases are used all the time, as slam dunk cases, where the evidence must be cast iron for prosecution, and they ask, why it has taken so long!

MR and his goons are still talking revenge, and this talk will never cease, no matter what, and must be ignored, and NOT give the prominence that the Media seem to attach to it.

Parliament reconvenes next week, and it is time the PM issues a CLEAR statement on his conversations with the President to assure the people, that all steps will continue to be taken to prosecute ALL crimes as before, and that he will in fact beef up the resources available to the investigators/prosecutors in order take the President’s criticism, that it is taking too long to prosecute while the accused are languishing in remand until their cases are heard, a palpably unacceptable delay.  

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Great Betrayal – Anti Corruption Officials fired/depart/frustrated/unloved!

As if the Dilrukshi Dias Wickremasinghe saga is difficult to stomach and the media has already concluded upon the reasons, accurate or not, we must look into the insecurity, lack of certainty, pressures of office, lack of leadership, need for thorough investigation, lack of competent adequately compensated staff and resources, in prosecuting crimes, ON BEHALF THE PEOPLE OF SRI LANKA and not on a personal agenda of anyone in those various bodies entrusted with this task. 

An former anti-corruption public servant writing this, deserves close scrutiny, so that the ill informed reader is able to judge between public pronouncements, amplified or coated with the Media bias, and the likely scenario of what truly transpires inside an investigation, that is extremely difficult to conduct in a Country, where the truth was the first casualty for so long, and resurrecting something that was almost moribund is a herculean task.

The attached article in the FT by Lacille de Silva, who was the Secretary of PRESIFAC, and who was fired by the President with no explanation is worth reading to get a handle on the thankless task these Public Officials have been tasked with.

It is quite clear that the President has NO clue on how investigations work, what information is needed, how they are corroborated and why some people seem to be summoned time and time again to give evidence, often sometimes to clear themselves, and NOT implicate them further. Reading the President's frustration, it is due to his lack of knowledge of how long drawn out proper investigations can take, and in his experience as PROPER investigations were never carried out, he thinks this is the same. ONLY when he is implicated with a crime, will he understand that the people investigating MUST be thorough, and for that it takes a long time.

It is to do with how the law of the land is carried out, which often may seem to the casual observer as being unfair or politically motivated, only because the high profile subjects are so high profile, that the investigators are more likely to be very careful in checking and double checking facts, thereby prolonging some, as compared with the average JOE who is hauled, charged convicted and jailed.

Doesn’t Ghotabaya Rajapakse realize that if he was GORA, the underworld thug in his administration, he would be arrested, white vanned, never heard of again, and later some part of his anatomy will discovered in a pit, and investigation suppressed. No wonder, when someone goes by the book, so that the evidence stands out in a Court of Law, one has to be thorough, a luxury HE NEVER EXTENDED TO HIS VICTIMS.

These Monday morning quarterbacks in the Media are actually part of the problem, and as they both don’t know the importance of the investigation, veracity with some information has to be acquired due to a culture of lies and obfuscation, it is difficult to carry on independent investigations, when the people who have actually given you the brief, end up questioning your very action! Its time for a MEDIA MEA CULPA to explain the procedures to the people in a YAHAPALANAYA, investigation  where one is innocent until proven guilty! 

Why is it so hard for them to do their job? Surely this is what the public expect. This is what the public demand, and in the end it is to safeguard democracy and UPHOLD the rule of law. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM.

Monday, October 17, 2016

When Donkeys rule, Thoroughbreds had better flee! –Dilrukshi Dias Wickremasinghe

“Aiyo Sirisena” – 

Oh Yeah O Yeah ! Let it be known that in the PARADISE land of the LOTUS EATERS now known (for how long we are now no longer sure) as SRI LANKA, when faced with embarrassing exposure, the newly elected King of this TEAR DROP ISLAND allowed tears to overflow, and gush once again. He decided to succumb to the threats, and instead of calling their bluff, permitted the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, as always in the past 70 years, be suppressed, and replaced with the will of the “KAPPANG KALLIYA”. Thereby allowing incontrovertible evidence of GUILT under the laws of the land, that would necessitate imprisonment of said INDIVIDUALS that include a former STRONG MAN and his three Former Heads of the Navy, NOT TO PROCEED TO prosecution.

The Director General of the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery and Corruption, Mrs Dilrukshi Dias Wickremasinghe, an additional Solicitor and General and a potential Attorney General of Sri Lanka, has just resigned her post!

She was the hardest task master, hardly paid, with a bunch of neophytes she had to train herself to understand right and wrong in a country that had forgotten that after so many years of Rajapakse wrongdoing, a control freak in making sure that the evidence would stand up in Court, but was LEFT WITH NO OPTION to hold her head high and stand up for what is right, and resign when her hands were tied by the very person who appointed her. 

What alternative WOULD YOU TAKE IF YOU WERE in the same BOAT? Dive out of the boat, to prosecute another day in another court, or let it sink with you and all your shipmates on board?

This is a sad day in Sri Lanka’s history, and a nail in the coffin of Good Governance, something that is obviously beyond the grasp of a family that came to prominence as a lesser of two evils, BUT HUGELY FLAWED EVILS of a family of TRAITORS that some thought would at least turn states evidence to save their souls, but whose guilt was far too excessive for any sort of remission, to finally throw in the towel, when the game was up, that they were mere two peas in a pod.

If you cannot control your prodigal son, and give him so many body guards and vehicles in which to run riot just a few kilometers from your new home, how can you really rule a Country? Let us hope your lame duck status you have so graciously bequeathed yourself consigns you in the annals of History to the shame of never being able to rise up from the gutter to the highest office, but remain in the gutter and just another GUTTER SNIPE!

Politicians, Public Servants and Interest Groups all work against the Country

I have been writing for years in this blog about ways we can really improve the performance of Sri Lanka.

What I mean by that is ways and means where the people of Sri Lanka can improve their quality of life. Sadly there appears to be NO ONE interested in this, but who continue to maintain that is what they are doing.

Politicians fool the people into believing only they can solve their problems. My opinion, we can solve our problems, and then the need for politicians does NOT arise. However they don't want to solve the problem, because we will continue to go to them to TRY and solve the problem

Public Servants know that they have an easy lot. They have NO responsibility, as they cannot be fired. They run rings around foolish politicians by only saying what they want to hear, and doing something completely different. Others also engage in taking bribes for doing what they are supposed to do anyway, while still others continue to make money on the side, by doing a disservice to the people they are supposed to serve, and give preferences to businessmen in exchange for bribes, but which eventually  cost the Country.

An example of the latter are technical people passing the road construction for a bribe, where the Contractor has spent only Rs2m on a job he has contracted Rs10M by faulty construction, and poor quality material.

Interest Groups are the worst!

GMOA, National Union of Teachers, and as this attachment shows, the Shipping Agents, all work for their membership, and often against the best interests of Sri Lanka. The MEDIA NEVER point this simple fact out to the public, as they are PAID NOT TO DO SO.

IT IS THE POLITICIANS DUTY to safeguard the people of Sri Lanka from unscrupulous acts, such as the one in the attachment in today's FT which clearly shows that the Shipping Lobby have got round the Politicians, in preventing the best method of Sri Lanka taking advantage of the wonderful opportunity of our location in the world.

What is the point of God giving us the best location, if our own people and here I blame our elected representatives, DO NOT HAVE THE COURAGE to do what is right for Sri Lanka and its people. Frankly that is a crime that no amount of death penalties will be sufficient to punish!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Bank of Ceylon complicit in losing Rs5B in April 2016

When you have a chance of cleaning up Rs5B profit and you don’t make it, then you are responsible for actually losing this on behalf of the people of Sri Lanka. Where is the Media coverage on this error? Not surprising considering the idiots called Journalists.

Perpetual Treasuries gain of Rs5B is actually BOC's Loss of the same amount! They made so much because the BOC chose not to.

The GM of the Bank of Ceylon and possibly also the Chairman (who knows nothing of banking being a lawyer) should resign for their dereliction of duty in managing this Bank to give their owners, the Govt. the best possible profit.

It was obvious to all, that the Central Bank (CBSL) had a massive borrowing requirement to meet their obligations. Instead of bidding for the bonds on their own account through their Primary Dealership, they merely lent the Money to Perptetual Treasuries(PT) to do the bidding and making Rs5B profit in two months, April and May 2016, by selling at a profit on the secondary markets.

Where is the media when it comes to reporting this? NOTHING, ZILCH! Why have they not picked up on this? Simply because they are following their own agenda, in hounding profitable businesses and our Financial Media, obviously don’t like people legitimately making money! The STUPID writers of the Daily Mirror pick up on a success story and turn it round somehow to look as if it was somehow obscene, or INSINUATE that PT did something wrong in making this kind of  money! Don’t blame PT blame BOC instead for their risk averse attitude.

On a different note the Central Bank senior staff MUST be interdicted for leaking this information, and Public Debt Department fired for being unable to get a better rate which to anyone was far too high, as seen by the profits in the secondary market selling them for much more than purchase. Why do we tolerate incompetent people and pay them so much to litter these positions in the CBSL?

It is time therefore that the readers understand BOTH halves of the attached link which only shows one side and not the fact that the CBSL and BOC are really to blame for the fiasco. All Bank Primary dealers are abrogating their responsibilities.

The CBSL gets monthly information on the profitability of the Primary Dealers, and that information is NOT shared with the Public Debt department which therefore does NOT realize how big their mistakes are in pricing Bonds. Its time for a cull of the top staff of the CBSL, as they are clearly shown to be costing billions to the Country. That is where the real problem lies NOT with PT!