Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hiring 8,000 Graduates to gather data for the new Right To Information Act is a typical exercise in futility

Today’s Lankadeepa reported that 8,000 graduates called INFORMATION PUBLICITY OFFICERS will shortly be hired by a new Gazette Notification, to gather data on 4,000 Government Institutions in Sri Lanka, in keeping with the Right to Information Bill which passed last week, and is now an ACT of Parliament. Based on a monthly salary of Rs40K, with will cost an additional Rs4B per annum to the Govt. servants wage bill.

Until a commission is appointed to work out how this information is gathered and disseminated to the public on their right to information I don’t believe it is the time to recruit before there is a clear cut system in place to provide the requested information.

There is a learning curve, first on what information that can be divulged, without affecting the privacy rights to that information, in the personal and national interest. Then there is the actual information that is requested, and finally how this information is given out. The powers have forgotten that MPs can ask for certain information that is similar to what the public now may ask, and there are already procedures in place to supply that information to them. These procedures MUST be fine tuned further to ensure efficiency, where the same information is not provided by different parties, one not knowing that the other is ALSO providing the same information.

Knowing the way, 100 ministries operate, with one not knowing what their areas of responsibilities are, I don’t have any faith in the present system that duplication, and waste will be the order of the day, unless, a proper system is operational, to provide a logical approach and responsibility for the information that provided that will prevent duplication, and will have clear areas of responsibility of bodies to supply this information.

The mental deviants who run this Country are unable to rationalize, and so put the cart before the horse, saying we have to appoint 8,000 more people in a Country with a huge shortage of workers in the Private Sector and a hugely bloated Public Sector, to add to the latter at the price of the former!!!

In my opinion, NOT ONE PERSON should be hired. The information can be provided by the overstaffed departments of Govt. if they actually decide to do some work for a change and they already know what data they have with them!

The Country moves from the sublime to the ridiculous! – Governor of the CBSL

It is clear that our leaders don’t have a clue how to TWEET! They are tweeting like parrots, and I think they maybe only parrots, and pea brained at that. What jokers have we elected to run this Country? It is absolutely shameful.

How can the President make a silly statement that alerted the WHOLE COUNTRY to a major announcement on Wednesday afternoon, and then result in HOT AIR FROM THE BACKSIDE, as the answer to the Presidential Tweet. I think it is now the public right, to treat anything the President says in just the same way.

Do you think he is serious when he goes around the Country saying that by 2020 we will have a alcohol, tobacco and drug free state in Sri Lanka. Why doesn’t he start with drug free! He will be hailed as a GOD if he AT LEAST gets rid of this easiest of the three, and the most disruptive and destructive.

Our leaders have created a HUGE CREDIBILITY problem, with their asinine statements, no different from the leaders of the past government, which actually goes to certify that ALL OUR POLITICIANS are certified imbeciles.

Oh how must we the public suffer from such insufferable arrogant dimwits?

The media has failed in reporting the facts, and only indulged in reporting the falsities that others have pouted, confusing the public no end. Then the leaders add fuel to these lies, by creating futile expectations, that lead the public another dance, then we have bureaucrats, who add further flammable material by taking sides, which they MUST not, and instead stick to the facts, and leave the opinion to the readers, and political commentators.

We the public MUST use social media to express our disgust at ALL THESE abovementioned cretins, and create an backlash and outcry to shame them first, and demand their ouster or at the very least apologies for their mistakes. What makes these servants of the people who don’t now sign their letters of to the people, as yours obedient servant as it was always in the past by civilized leaders, now they demand that you submit to their whims and fancies, and refuse to bow to us the public, and instead expect total servility from us, boldly displayed in the media, of bowing down in front of those who should actually bowing down to us. Maybe at least the Japanese practice of both parties bowing would suffice!

The HUMAN CAPITAL SUMMIT – another exercise in futility!

This is another of the series of efforts in the last year, of a Government trying to run, before it can even get up to walk. We are just NOT ready for a Summit such as this to discuss the needs for the future GLOBAL CHALLENGES until we fix our BASIC EDUCATION FIRST.
One important area, where we unlike Malaysia cannot compete in the Global World and no amount of talk of Human Capital is worth the waste of time until that is tackled. See Link article in the Daily News

I think we are ONLY NOW attempting a census of the pre-school education, before guidelines can be implemented so we start from the right footing on a 20 year program to actually educate our newly emerging labor force, and there is VERY LITTLE we can do about the existing labor force, or their Human Capital worth!
It is soft skills that need development and there is NO organized method at the moment in developing these skills, as it is too difficult to explain to the job seeker that his or her lack of soft skills is what is holding him back from competing for the thousands of vacancies that exist in Sri Lanka, which they believe they are capable of, but don’t realize the limitation of their knowledge.

We in Sri Lanka have a small elite who enjoy organizing these summits and spend their time going from one to another. I just hope the PM for one calls their bluff and calls a spade a spade, telling them not to waste their time doing useless things, and go back to basics to educate our labor force to be able to compete for jobs in the Global Marketplace, and for that English knowledge is an essential skill that has to be fast forwarded at all costs in order to do so.

IN parallel it is important that a new PRESCHOOL system is in place to build discipline, value and lateral thinking in children that will hold them in good stead in future, and will form the basis of the new education model, that will enable the foundation for HUMAN CAPITAL to be formed.

While I cannot stop time wasters and money wasters from doing so, all I can bring their notice is that to make their whole event seem worthwhile, they must address the issues at hand and before leaving the SUMMIT agree on a plan of action along with a time table and responsibilities to carry out this plan as soon as possible.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Looks like Ranil has fed Mahendran to the wolves! Let’s hope not

News just came that the President will appoint a Governor of the CB in a few hours.  Does this mean that Mahendran has been absolved by COPE today, so he will reappoint him, or is it that the pressure has finally got to him, and he is going to appoint another in his place? I am not privy to the answer, but if he is going to appoint a new person, then the PM has lost the plot and has been forced to sacrifice Mahendran for his political survival.

I don’t know how Mahendran will take this, as he genuinely took the job in the firm belief that his expertise was required to turn the ship around, and solve the Monetary Problems of Sri Lanka using his negotiating skills and international contacts to get low cost borrowings to replace the Rajapakse ERA borrowings that were coming due, and to stave off a financial crisis.

Whilst it is possible that the PM pressured him to make some bold moves at the outset to make some irrational decisions to provide some windfall profits to pay off the billions of debts the New Govt. had racked up in election costs, and left Mahendran in NO POSITION to refuse, he has in all respects NOT personally benefited from his position or decisions, contrary to all the ill advised stories to the contrary by people who have an agenda, or have no clue on how international high finance is conducted!

What can Mahendran do if he has already explained all his action to the press and his detractors choose NOT to believe him? If the President appoints someone else it will also seem that he has done something wrong, and I hope at least the President has the decency to announce that it is NOT due to any unproved allegation that he has chosen to appoint someone else, but that he was not willing to delay this vacancy any longer.

The PM for his part will have let down the only person with a decent qualification for the job he was appointed for as all other appointments by the YAHAPALANAYA government have been to people who are NOT really qualified for the job they have been appointed for!

Remember it is wishful thinking from this point, that ANY SRI LANKAN will ever want to return to Sri Lanka in future to help their Country with their expertise, as they will be hounded out of life and limb by the 8th grade jokers who run and rule Sri Lanka, who cannot stomach able people in their midst!

I think everyone has lost the plot – UNHRC won’t go away!

It just seems to me that the Superpowers can do almost anything and the UN don’t even utter a word of rebuke, whilst for Countries like SL, which have technically violated some rules that we are signatories to, are hounded like pickpockets with NO respite.

While I have been ready to accept UN resolutions, and fair disclosure, what is the real problem now? Is it the lack of accountability for excesses of the Govt. forces, and their conduct during the war?

If so what is the position of the UN with regard, to the merciless bombing of anti Govt. forces in Syria, which is being aided and abetted directly by Russian aircraft, which are dropping cluster bombs on heavily populated areas, killing innocent people in the process, and are far worse than any SL Military action during the whole of the LTTE war.

This hounding that Sri Lanka is getting now seems to me to be some kind of maniacal action by a small section of people with an agenda to crucify Sri Lanka as a Country for beating the LTTE and not for the real action caused by them in this period.

It is possible that the lobby of the Overseas Tamils, who have NO say in the SL politics of today, or for that matter of any of the economic activity within Sri Lanka get a vicarious thrill (imbecilic or mad I don’t know) from this constant hounding.

I don’t know where this article got the 65,000 missing persons came from, as now it is clear that the total number of documented missing during the whole war don’t amount to more than 10,000, which we need to clarify and obtain some closure. Of the rest they are NOT dead, or are living happily in one of the many Countries they have gone to, and have NOT been taken out of the list, for obvious reasons, of political expediency.

I hope the Human Rights Commissioner can see the sense of getting to the bottom of the real problem that somehow has been swept over due to the various parties own agendas, clashing with the agenda of the SL Govt. to have this over with. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

My final post on Salawa, I hope!

I don’t want to go on this issue any further, because the Government is now in the process of compensating the victims on the basis of a formula. However I see no issuance of comfort to the people anywhere that they have taken steps to remove any ordinance from highly populated areas. This means that the ordnance is STILL there, and the steps being taken for their transport is NOT adequate at present, and they may in fact be rushing to construct some stores with concrete or other prescribed material in a safe place. We the people do not need to know where this safe place is as long as it is really safe, and the Army are not again making another elementary mistake, due to their inability to think laterally or in any other direction.

The link above is fairly thorough, but the most important part is the end where it is clear that despite having sufficient knowledgeable officers, in the field of storage, they have NOT been able to act on the need of the hour over 16 years ago, when this lapse was brought to their attention.

I would like therefore to repeat that even the Army need some independent body, to review their activities and procedures, in short a systems AUDIT. It is done in all Countries, but in Sri Lanka, I am told it is done by those who don’t know what a systems audit really entails.

When you spend Rs350B a year, you expect it to be spent wisely for the safety of the people of Sri Lanka, in war and now in peacetime. Due to peacetime safety being compromised with this blast, that has sent shockwaves even through the entire army, it is time the whole hierarchy at the Army is changed, and we promote a Brigadier or a lower rank as Army Commander, to show that it is No LONGER seniority that matters in getting to the top, but sheer ability beyond the call of duty.

I am told there are some very capable young officers who bore the brunt of the action in war, and so are not only those who faced the direct threat of bullets, as opposed to the senior officers who were a little away from the action, and they are capable of using new technology to the advantage of the forces, and should be brought into revamp the Army into a technologically savvy army capable of sourcing needed arms, rather than storing them, and let others in other parts of the world do the storing, we just need to know how to get it quick when needed.  

Thursday, June 16, 2016

THE COCAINE BUST: Street value of Rs2B – More questions than answers!

A team under the direction of the Finance Ministry and independent of the Customs, discovered this cocaine in a sugar consignment from Brazil.

Apparently it was after a tip off that the container was kept under surveillance and pounced upon. Why did they not wait for scanning to see if it would have been detected then? If it had not, then we can investigate the Customs officials, but now the crooks in the Customs will get off scot free, and continue with other cocaine supplies, as it must have been coming for years, undetected!

These are questions we will have to ask. It is fine for the officers who busted this to take credit this time, and it was also noteworthy that the President was also present at the Container Yard.

Whose yard is it? Customs, or a private bonded warehouse YARD? Either way, we MUST be very concerned about how easy it has been for this type of hard drugs to come into Sri Lanka, and the whole nation is currently fighting a drug menace of massive proportions, that the Security Forces have NOT been able to get an handle on.

Just today, there was a full page article in the Lankadeepa paper about the movement of drugs from Colombo up to the Hill Country, and the method that is used to get it there. This is all in the hands of the DRUG LORDS who have political protection, and I implore the President to show NO MERCY towards these people.

WE MUST get the culprits. Remember we are a country where honest people are always set up so the crooks get away. So we must be sure that we catch the top dogs and not the small fry who get fried for a small crime!

Cleaning up customs MUST be top of the agenda as money flowing through that route is still the big bucks, and I am surprised that there is NO AUTOMATIC system of tracking untoward movement in lifestyle and funds of Customs Officials which is very easy, once you bring friends and family into the loop, and use some simple software to trigger an investigation. Honest guys have NOTHING to worry, the crooks WILL GET CAUGHT no matter what they do, trust me with that SYS. 

THE GMOA – Time they are all put in jail for life!


Let us begin with the leadership. If it is not one thing it is another. This most privileged of Sri Lankan people who have a education which YOU AND I PAY RS12M and they pay nothing don’t have any rights to complain.

Earlier it was about Private Medical Students who are paying the Rs12M for their education, then it was about their various privileges and rights and the interference of political goons in their activities, and now it is about their children NOT GETTING PREFERENCES

Damn you DOGS you don’t need any preferences, because if you had a free education worth Rs12M you pay and educate your children as MOST of you do, and you are only trying to deprive other MORE DESERVING CASES of an education, and your CHILDREN FRANKLY ARE THE LEAST DESERVING as you have already received a privilege which you still fail to acknowledge, so why or WHY SHOULD I PAY TO GIVE YOU ANOTHER PRIVILEGE because it is I not you who is paying for your kid to go to this so called top tier school you want to send them to!

Are you so dumb? You know what a good education can do to you. It just blows up the brain, and you become an entitlement seeker. We don’t want that to happen to your children too do we?

I am just sick and tired of the most powerful and least public friendly union in Sri Lanka, pontificating about this and that. You don’t want it GO ABROAD. That is what you have been doing all this time anyway. Not only do you get to do private medical consultations, and operations at private hospitals, you also are threatening to go abroad. YOU GUYS ARE THE SCUM OF SRI LANKA, so go and be the scum of some other country, and then you are NOT A MEMBER OF THE GMOA right! HA HA

You Jakasses calling yourself doctors is an insult to the medical profession and true professionals. NO OTHER PROFESSION behaves in this manner, and no other profession has benefitted from the SYSTEM as you have.


Your are killing patients, holding people to ransom, and behaving like animals.

It is time the public wake up and realize the Sri Lankan state doctors are leaches and NOT saviors anymore. They keep the patient ignorant about the illness, write prescriptions and notes they dont understand and dont allow them access to files and to keep copies of what they prescribe! Why? because they are worried that they will be hauled up for being incompetent, and or misdiagnose! In short you are simply charlatans in disguise as doctors.

Very soon the Malabe doctors will show you to be the charlatans you are as you are practicing outdated medicine anyway, and when patients find that out then you will be hounded out in good time! Actaully you guys have NO REDEEMING FEATURE AT ALL!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

IMAGES and stories of lives cut short for no fault of their own!

When tragedies strike in a large scale, emotions run high, especially as people follow news reports and react to them, and we now look at their backgrounds as normal people doing a job, making a living, bringing up a family, and living with friends, all struck down at a moment of unforeseen cruelty by a man wielding an assault rifle, with a mental problem, namely hate filled, and the need to kill to get his kicks.

It is all very well wondering why this happened and placing blame, but in this extraordinary world we live in, certain freedoms are misused that affect humanity adversely and we don’t know who these individuals are especially when they are under the radar, and suddenly emerge to cause mayhem. It is now becoming clear that this person was mentally unstable, as he just tagged on as following, diametrically opposed factions in the Middle East, when if rational one simply could not.

Added to this cocktail is religious fervor, irrational feelings against all sorts of people, in this case against the LGBT community, all coming together for ONE lone MAD MAN to cause this crisis, and for many others like ISIL to wallow in this tragedy, by taking credit.

The victims’ families simply have to grieve silently, about this senseless violence, in a supposedly entertainment event where friends get together to have fun, enjoy some music and informal laughter. A lot of what ifs and permanent injury remain.

THE USA sees these tragedies almost too frequently, possibly due to the ease with which mentally unstable people are able to obtain deadly assault rifles, which do not go well in a civilian environment, and the tragedy there is the power of the NRA has held a country to ransom, and lives at risk, which potential victims are unable to change.

If we can do anything on behalf of the victims it is simply doing what we can to prevent any recurrence of this senseless violence, and to that end it is ONLY the access to firearms that we can limit as a FIRST RESORT, and secondly put our energies at identifying people who could snap in a moment, and cause harm to innocents, that is something we have in every Country, and we have never been able to fully solve. Their potential for mass murder can only be reduced by laws of a Country preventing the likelihood of anyone being able to access a personal arsenal of deadly weapons, or have access to BOMB making raw materials. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Psychologists take to the air to define people “FILLED WITH HATE”

Only a person filled with so much hate can commit a crime such as this, in addition to a personality problem he may have had.

We are hearing news items from friends of the Oralando Shooter, that he was always talking about killing. That corroborates with evidence that he had a mental disorder, which finally cracked, snapped and popped into violence with a gun.

Then we heard that he had seen two gay men kissing, and that it had incensed him, and perhaps had added to his fervor of picking a gay club. He then had a background, where his father was aspiring to throw his hat into the Afghan presidential race, another act of an unstable mind, and with pro- Taliban tendencies, that must have also influenced his son’s opinion of right and wrong.

When two or three disparate ideas all come together into one common purpose, the legitimacy of one’s argument hardens. Like a confluence of rivers, they all came together for this mentally unstable man, who could NOT hold on to 2 wives in his 29 years of existence, and that in itself for a man with 4 sisters who are college educated, must speak for his misogyny.

So a misogynist homophobic loner, must be a man of incredible complications, uncomfortable in his own skin, perhaps with a family that despite him being a school football player, did not nurture him in the way a man of that background needs parental love, and mother’s affection.

Further evidence will surface over the next few days pointing to his character and it will be interesting to know what the psychological profile will be of this possibly messed up mind is going to come up with.

In short he is a nutter, a type of person most influenced by nutty thoughts. His hatred for society, and its functioning, would have been channeled into his religious belief and possibly hatred for the freedoms of American Life, which begs the QUESTION~


Mahendran – unnecessary scapegoat where GOATS RULE!

In a Country, where every Politician is corrupt, and the few who pretend not to be corrupt, don’t even understand the word, we have an APPOINTED official by the PM, who gave up a lucrative job, and who could return to an even more lucrative job overseas, being hounded out of office for being CORRUPT!

If you believe I am partial to the Governor, please read the article I wrote on January 12th 2015 a few days after the Presidential Election of Maithripala Sirisena, where I predicted this scandal by association, and the PM did not heed my advice, about Mahendran.

Frankly I don’t know why someone who can earn Rs500M a year, would take this job, except for the prestige factor, and if he knew the grief he would encounter in retrospect would surely have refused it. NO OTHER SRI LANKAN IN THIS COUNTRY CAN COMMAND SUCH AN INCOME IN A FOREIGN BANK. Not one of the 225 MPs could even get a job as a security guard in a foreign Bank.

As an international Banker (India’s Governor was also an international Banker), he is probably the ONLY person in Sri Lanka who is in a job for which he is qualified. I challenge the reader to name anyone else, least of all any of the 225 in parliament as qualified to be even a people’s representative!(to be a servant of the people)

While allegations abound, nothing is proved, and all have been dealt with without any hint of impropriety, and any non-disclosure to COPE is merely due to the need for confidentiality in not disclosing Monetary Policy to third parties, which will unfavorably impact on SL ability to borrow at lower interest rates. It is as simple as that.

With regard to him being linked to his son-in-laws dealings, I will only say that it is unfortunate that his daughter married the boy, who made a lot of money during the Rajapakse administration, including in the BOND issues, that were NOT transparent then, as they were NOT auctioned, but price fixed forcing Govt. institutions to subscribe at PRESCRIBED RATES and not market rates that would evolve in auctions.

COPE does not realize the need for confidentiality/unpredictability/mix of maturity dates/ changes to requirements on short notice/ taking advantage of short term international interest rate movements to benefit Sri Lanka. International high finance is definitely NOT for the faint hearted. Anyone working at the CB or retired has never taken a personal risk, so they fail to understand what it really means, and the high stakes involved in Bond Auctions and sudden need for big changes in funds raised, and risks attached, which are just too much to answer to COPE, so they err on the safe side, at huge cost to SL in final debt burden.

There is nothing he can do about the fact that his son in law may own the largest non Bank Bond Trading Company in Sri Lanka, as that would have been the case either way, even if I was the Governor. So when the next set of accounts discloses he made Rs10B in bond trading, you will shout corruption, I will say reward for high risk bets his CEO took on the economy, and none of the pundits in Sri Lanka can understand that. Perhaps no one understands the huge losses and huge profits you can make on betting on interest and exchange rates! The bigger you are the bigger risk you can take, and the more money you can make. You can lose big like ENTRUST and go bankrupt, too, if you make the wrong bet!

Sri Lanka is a corrupt state, where even a new Govt. pledging good Governance, has as its political leaders except the PM, all looking at ways to personally enrich themselves. Why are the intelligent masses NOT pointing a finger at the obviously corrupt deals these people continue to make, instead of attacking the easy target, NON politician to whom you will never go, after your allegations, for help, when any of the others may be useful to you in getting whatever it is you want! Please think about that logic!

As for blocking investigations, ask investigative journalists to look at the real reasons, as all the Media reporting is one sided, and people come to conclusions.

Just imagine how satisfied the corrupt politicians are that CB Governor is the target of Jayaratne and Tennekoon, they have nothing to lose even if they are right or wrong. As for naming the real crooks, they have all to lose, their gravy train keeping them alive. They must get out of the frog in the well mentality, and direct their ire where it is most needed, not the easiest punching bag, the only fish in the well!

Sri Lanka’s recent slide into economic crisis has nothing to do with Monetary Policy as managed by the CB and dependent on International Markets, but Fiscal Policy that has shown flip flops, lack of direction, uncertainty and costly Government spending mismanagement(read corruption).  


I personally believe that this distraction of using the Governor as the root of all evil, has prevented objective reporting, to enlighten us the public to the true massacre of the innocents (public) that take place daily, by our elected officials! We can stop it if we think National Interest and NOT personal!

Hate Crime, terrorist incident, act of a sick person or Radical Islam! What does it matter? They will continue UNLESS~

To put this into a box, like the American Culture of checking boxes for everything imaginable, and which makes it easy to machine read for computer analysis, does not change the fact that a man, could enter a nightclub, heavily armed, unchallenged, and massacre 50 people dead and maim 53 others.

There are only two ways you stop the act in its commission. One is by having body searches at the entrance, something Americans just don’t want and the second, is prevent ANYONE getting access to assault weapons that can kill and maim so easily and so forcefully, with so much firepower.

Technically tomorrow there could be a copycat killer doing the same thing, and no one will be the wiser. THE ONLY WAY THIS CAN BE STOPPED is by banning assault weapons. PERIOD

Why are US legislators reluctant to do this? This is a significant point of difference between the Republicans and Democrats, with the NRA supporting Republicans and their penchant for preventing GUN CONTROL and the Democratic, desire for it, as evidenced by Obama’s tried and failed attempt at tightening the Gun Laws.

Donald Trump was quick to blame Radical Islam, which only creates a divisive break with Muslim Americans, who are against any sort of violence, who may then be tempted to become extremist in the light of intolerance. Trump and the GUN LOBBY are creating terrorists, to support the existing radical ideology, instead of preventing this ideology from spreading.

Why do people following their own agendas, NOT do what is the most practical in stopping the spread of violence amongst HUMANS? If the means to violence, like guns are hard to come by, the nuts will NOT get access to these weapons. In the interests of the public, it is important that we understand that today’s society creates unstable nuts, who cannot be controlled let alone identified, and in the interests of the second amendment to the Constitution, we cannot permit them from getting access to them. The only way is a blanket stop!

JUST THINK ABOUT IT. We are going to continue to have all sorts in our presence, we cannot social engineer the perfect race as we like it. So we have only one option, namely to prevent these possible violators, from gaining access, no matter what ideology they may have or just mental retards, sans competency!  

The call for attacks in the US for Ramadan as an act of religious duty!

AND PEOPLE FOLLOW THAT CALL! – What have we created? Have we become so obsessed with wrong that we believe it is right?

Read the attached link, and if the reporting is accurate, then, we have a problem. We have people in this world, that others follow blindly. We must get into the minds of these people, who follow these crazy people, who abuse the name of religion, to cause fear, and think that they are doing something that is right.

Just like my blog here can be accessed by anyone on earth, in a second of my posting it, anyone one else on earth can do the same, and post anything they want. Unfortunately, there is a huge following that do not consider what is written, why, and the state of mind of the writer, and DO NOT question, but instead act like idiots, killing in the name of religion.

Ramadan in a holy month for Islam where people fast, remember those who don’t have to eat, and perform numerous acts of charity towards their fellow human beings. This kind of nonsense, gives Ramadan a bad name in the eyes of the generally ignorant US public, who are NOW MORE THAN EVER likely believe anyone who attacked the Muslim religion, as being GOSPEL.

It is therefore in the interests of the moderates, especially Muslims in the USA to get together with broadcasters, and people with influence, to present a balanced view of the religion in its true intent, and try to explain sects using Sharia Law, and literal translations of how the religion is taught as being extreme interpretations adopted by small minorities, but which have taken hold in many Countries due to the failure of moderate Muslim Countries like Syria to protect its citizens from dictatorship, and injustice. The West must share the blame for much of this, with the Israeli backing, an integral reason for Muslim alienation.

Saudi Arabia has also contributed in no small part to this, by their state sponsored Sunni doctrine, and guardians of Mecca, and Medina, in spawning radicalization, which in the end will be the downfall of the Kingdom, due to their own actions! Once their economy collapses, it is only a matter of time when, the whole House of Cards sorry Saud, implodes, and plans MUST be in place to sort out the debris with minimum disruption to the rest of the world.

Monday, June 13, 2016


It is very very regrettable that the Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has been handed a golden opportunity, worth, a couple of Billion Dollars, by the Orlando shooter, terrorist, or extremist depending on your interpretation of this excuse for a human being. He is milking the fear of the US Joe!

If Donald were to win, it is at the behest of this excuse, the ignorance of the American people that this mass shooting, though the single biggest in US history, is nothing more than the daily gun related crime that occurs in the US, and if put together, is nothing more than a daily incident.

The average US citizen must fear the 50 incidents that went UNREPORTED due to its regularity, when compared with the ONE that actually hit the headlines! However this ONE incident will raise the bar on American Prejudice, against Muslims, Donalds attitude to prevent Muslims coming into the US, and ironically this was a man born in the DONALD’S New York, and would never have been stopped by his foolish proposals!

Instead of going against gun violence, and limiting their use, and access, he is proposing the wrong solution, by limiting access to foreigners to come to the US, when this terrorist, was a US born citizen, who would NOT be picked up in Donald’s America. This simple fact is lost on his gallery, which is getting larger, as he has unfairly attacked President Obama for NOT attacking radical ISLAM in this instance. He is POTUS. He has to stick to being a National Consolidator, on behalf of all Americans, and NOT pick on religion as the cause of this crime, and imagine world indignation if he attacked Muslims for the action of a loner with a problem.

People of the US, don’t get sucked into the rhetoric of an opportunist, who feigns allegiance to the USA, when he is in reality, only in it for himself, the ultimate showman in a showbiz crazy nation, that should reserve the top job for one that frees people from bureaucracy, but holds and preserved the freedoms, that DO NOT result in harm to others if taken for granted.

If this first shot was anything to go by, it is simply despicable of him to castigate his President who has to hold the emotions of the people steady, so they do not go around abusing innocent Americans, due to their beliefs. Don’t ever forget the Pilgrims came to America to escape religious intolerance, and they must permit those Muslims fleeing Wahabism in Saudi Arabia too, to come to the US. 

What he should fight for should ONLY be to ensure NO HATE PREACHER HAS access to the young impressionable MIND!  Think about it, it is the homophobic hate preacher who influenced the killer to commit mass murder. Who then is the real murderer?



While it is the internet and FB that must have helped, as enablers to these nutters to kill in the name of ISIL or for that matter even in the name of the unborn child; The debate rages on how we use METADATA to home in on the 10,000 of the world’s criminal minds in FB out of 1.5B FB users.

Think tanks especially in the USA in the CIA and FBI are working hard at trying to come up with the formula most predictable in being able to select the people most likely to commit a crime! Israel has the same process, in using the database of ALL Palestinians, to home in on those most likely to be say suicide bombers! Each time they think they have found the answer, there is an exception to the rule that had evaded them and they go back to the drawing boards to see where they have missed the tell tale signs. They are the pioneers in the use of this technique.

It is clear from the evidence in so far, that this shooter in Orlando was also picked and punched out for no evidence, not once, but three times, and it also appears that his job as a security guard for defense establishments, meant that he had obtained the necessary clearances to be able to be approved for that task too.

So there is a long way to go in rustling up the potential ticking time bombs. In fact just yesterday, Bangladesh arrested 5,000 people as most likely to be held for the crime spree of killing people with non Islam religious beliefs. Even they are desperately in need of the same information that the US is in need of and ironically they too are Islamist extremists who do not tolerate any other belief than theirs!

This worrying international problem in a non- Muslim and a overwhelmingly Muslim Country, means it is a widespread / international issue, that cooperation of all international Agencies, and the UN is needed to combat by sharing information across borders. Other than bilateral, it is not gone multilateral as yet.

FB being an international mode of social media, ironically is the common denominator be it in Bangladesh one day or Orlando the next, as this common platform of shared knowledge, influencing people outside one’s own borders, has made this 21st Century tool a potential virus spreader worse than AIDS in its instant ability to permeate borders, and result in mass destruction.

The 64,000 dollar question now becomes, how do we identify these rogue elephants in the world population, without them knowing and how do we keep tabs on them, and how do we apprehend them before they commit a crime anywhere? 

The Orlando Massacre – Access to Arms – Massacring the Minds

If there is a moral to this tale, what would that be?

It is clear that we must begin from some basic and fundamental right, and that it is everyone’s right to behave as they want, and do what they want as long as they do not harm others in the process. ANY religion that condones killing in the name of the religion is one that does not have a place anywhere on this earth.

The easiest method, especially in influencing YOUNG minds is religion, as it gives people a moral basis for their actions, and what they believe is right can then cause this sort of WRONG! NO EXCUSES there.

Whilst in the interests of religious tolerance, President Obama was right to say this is NOT fundamental Islam at work, as there are Fundamental Christians, Buddhist, Jews and Hindus, too who have the same view to life and murder in the name of religion and we should NOT pick one for the sake of finger pointing.

How do we tackle these fundamentalist ideal? They are making many people frightened to speak out against it, as it either opens them to attack, even physical, so people rather NOT speak out against such acts. Speaking out also appears to label moderates as traitors to their religion, and so especially in Islam where dissent is seen as an attack on the religion, people tend to shy away from speaking out against such terrorism.

Take Wahabism in Sri Lanka. Various NGOs primarily funded by private or Govt. Saudi sources, have over the past 40 years, through preachers assisted poor Muslim Communities and in the process, ingrained their beliefs on the faithful, which have turned many Muslims from liberal to conservative, most notable seem by the rest of the Community by their dress, with many more men wearing ARAB dress, and women being covered from head to toe, in Black and some completely covering their faces. Even when young Muslims are asked, they say that it is the true following of their religion, and others are NOT proper Muslims, an attitude, that NOT dissimilar to the lack of tolerance of ISIL and AL Qaeda and Taliban.

WE MUST attack this notion that any religion not theirs is wrong, or different practitioners of the religion are NOT CO-RELIGIONISTS. THAT IS PLAIN WRONG, and anyone teaching that doctrine HAS NO PLACE IN OUR SOCIETY. Religious tolerance is permitting anyone to holds any belief they wish to hold, to do so, as long as it does not harm others. THOSE WHO BELIEVE THEY ARE THE TRUE MUSLIMS AND ANOTHER SECT ARE NOT do not have a right to hold such views. This attitude merely breeds insularity, finger pointing, and lack of tolerance of others.

IT IS TIME that the new Constitution, guarantees that freedom, so that fundamentalist, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews or Muslims or for that matter of any other belief have NO RIGHT TO claim superiority over others in the name of their belief.


From this analysis it is clear that the influence of Imams is a HUGE factor in the growth of Fundamentalism within Islam, throughout the world, and when violence in the name of religion is included, liberal societies that DO NOT subscribe to that ethic are open to paying the price! The fundamentalists of other religions DO NOT advocate this kind of violence, or even HOLY WAR, and so are less of a threat to OTHERS.

HOW DO YOU PROTECT YOUTH from Fundamentalist Teachings? They are the most easily influenced in such matters, as they do NOT weigh the pros and cons of life, with little experience in the work environment with people having different views to them on many matters. IT IS MY WAY OR NO WAY.

This shooter was briefly married and had abused his wife, because she did not do the housework in the way he wanted. So it is clear that he wanted everything HIS WAY, and goes to the heart of this psychological make-up!~

This individual in Orlando, was a walking time bomb that sadly went off with devastating consequences on Saturday night/ Sunday morning, 11th and 12th June 2016 in Orlando, Florida, amongst youth who were enjoying themselves at a disco. As the place is open to all, there were not just LGBT at the event, but straight people too.


First Step, NO MATTER what the NRA says, NO ONE IN THE USA should have access to assault weapons. In the wrong hands, and there is NO way to prevent them getting into the wrong hands, they are deadly. The assault weapon is what caused so much damage yesterday. This is a no brainer, and if the USA has lawmakers who think otherwise, may GOD HELP THE INNOCENT LAW ABIDING AMERICAN.

It is an attack on this innocent, that these NRA influenced lawmakers are trying to protect the right to bear arms, the second amendment to the US constitution. They all need their heads examined, as you cannot enforce that in 2016, when you can have a nuclear weapon in the form of an assault rifle! PERIOD.

Back yonder if the lawmakers knew what we know today, namely the sophistication, and deadly nature of weapons they would have peed in their pants rather than permit such legislation that has killed over 500,000 Americans who could have been saved over the years if this right was NOT enshrined in the Constitution.

IT IS TIME that for the sake of the future of the USA in this era of NUTCASES in the name of RELIGION, we BAN all weapons from personal possession, other than a permitted selection for hunting and self defense and DO IT IMMEDIATELY, meaning today, before it becomes a divisive election ISSUE.  

Saturday, June 11, 2016

THE DON-HIL or TRUMPCLINTON Battle of Waterloo will be NASTY

Two opposite ends of the spectrum vying for POTUS (president of the united states of America) is going to turn history on its head, and the voter having to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea!

I don’t think the US voter has ever had two people who are more disliked by the other side than in this election. So whoever wins, will mean that the level of dissatisfaction of the result on the losing side, will be so high, as to affect the quality of life index for them significantly.

Imagine having to see the face or know that the most unsuitable and unimaginable person, is your leader? It is worse than being caught between a rock and a hard place. We have exactly 5 months before election day, and the war of words and personal battles will overshadow, the importance of knowing what policies each of the candidates promise on being elected.

The Donald is going to show Hilary as a Special Interest Group bought and paid for candidate, when in fact the DONALD is the special interest group himself. Hilary on the other hand will try to show the Donald as vacillating and unstable on every policy issue, making them as he goes, and surprisingly she does NOT have a firm stance ON ANY THING, and will either do what the special interests want her to do and say for the money they pay in, or will do the exact opposite of what she says she will do if she gets elected. Ironic isn’t it. I know it is called politics, making promises to your electorate to get you elected and then doing whatever you want afterwards having conveniently forgotten your words on the campaign trail.

In my opinion the consummate insider and the opportunistic outsider don’t have what it takes to lead the most powerful country on the earth, and the rest of the Countries WILL HAVE TO LIVE IN FEAR OF BOTH, so whoever wins is going to cause a rumble in the jungle out side of the US shores.

Nothing will happen to the US during either presidency, as it is a powerful self contained country NOT reliant on ANYTHING from the rest of the world, and has a labor force to produce anything it wants to boot, along with the technology for everything imaginable. NO, APPLE IS NOT GOING TO BRING ITS I phone MANUFACTURING BACK HOME, and no matter what Donald says he will do, it is just electioneering jingoistic hoopla! Barely recognizable change.

Whoever wins the US will be strong and get stronger, as they are immune from many of the problems of the rest of the world. It is the rest who will live in fear~! 

Friday, June 10, 2016


It is only now becoming clear how dangerous the stockpile of weapons was at Salawa, and I don’t even think our senior officers realize HOW LETHAL they were. Mercifully due to the low casualties, there has not been an outcry for the top brass to resign en masse, but that is more to do with the fear of people demanding this of soldiers to their service in defending the state against its aggressor in the Civil War, than in objectively making a rational argument for their resignation.

There is a group who claim it is “sobadharmaya showing the Sinhala people what it was like for Tamil civilians to live under this battery for months when here they just faced it for one day, and even then they were actually evacuated, and only saw on return.”

Imagine if without a gun this rockets caused so much damage 4 KM away, with launchers what it might have been. UNTHIKABLE

It is a wake up call for UNITY, as we can now really know what it must have like to face the full force of the Sri Lanka Security Forces at the last stages of war, as it was a fight to the end with this type of mortars and artillery! We must never let our own citizens suffer this kind of fate from within by our own people, which is what a civil war is all about.

Of course questions are now asked as to why for so long these weapons were NOT stored under any acceptable conditions, as clearly in hindsight they were not. The responsibility MUST come from the top, and Ghotabhaya Rajapakse must answer why such weapons were stored there? Perhaps, Sarath Fonseka too if he had any input at that time into this particular aspect.

Under normal circumstances this kind of weaponry would NEVER be held there. So why were they, and why was no decision made earlier to remove them to a safer place? Were they to be sold to overseas customers, and if so to whom and for how much? Why did they not go earlier?

Was it because someone did not get the right commission? Was it that the original cost will come to light, and some top dog did not what to wash his dirty linen in public, showing that the Army paid too much in the first place, when it was only worth a fraction. 

This is mere speculation, and until a proper investigation takes place on these facts we will be kept in the dark. However it is unlikely that the Army will disclose the wrongdoing, except that I hope at least the Govt. through the MOD will get the accurate information, with which to know what really happened and hopefully bring the culprits to book. As a civilian I don’t want to know the details as long as the proper action is taken against wrongdoers.

Thursday, June 9, 2016


How can anyone justify in this time, soon after Floods, Landslides, VAT, and Salawa, to even think of importing cars for the official use of some Ministers?

No matter what they say, it is simply NOT THE TIME, to even think about it. When the people are actually struggling under a very unfair burden of taxes, because the Govt. has failed miserably in finding the 500,000 people in this Country who don’t have a tax file and who should and have paid their taxes.

There is about Rs500B in unpaid taxes even at this low tax regime we have in Sri Lanka due to the incompetence of the Govt. to find out who they are and tax them. This is a scandal that JOE public does not know, because what you don’t see you don’t miss! I am damned if any politician opens his mouth about it either!

Every CAR DEALER is making money in a rising value market, and NO CAR dealers are paying taxes, other than the reputable companies. So every dealer with a Rs1B inventory has not paid a dime in taxes ever.

It is simple, just go to the dealership, look at the inventory, look at the loan book, and tax the net assets, as that person would have started with nothing. A flat 15% and a 10% surcharge as a penalty for not paying will alone yield Rs100B in taxes.

This is a no brainer, and why is it not done? Have the top dogs been greased or have the small fry IRS department staffers been greased, or both? Commissioner IRS this is over to you!


Why don’t our leaders have even an ounce to brain to say that tomorrow they will get these vehicles at NO COST TO THE STATE as the car dealers have presented the cars to the Parliament. It is so easy to do. Just give me the job, and I will do it, but I just need an authorization letter of request from the PM and President, and I will assure you I, a carless individual will NOT ask for one for myself.

Politicians why are you donkeys fooling the people? Do you honestly think that they are so dumb, to take this shit forever? Do you want to face the gallows?

Our Politicians don’t even realize they are liars, as that is part of their DNA DEPARTMENT OF WILDLIFE CONSERVATION – HOT SEAT~

One only has to read the article in today’s Daily Mirror, to realize that someone is lying through their teeth, and expecting us the public to believe their lies~

I ask the reader to rationally read this very important article, that goes to the heart of the Sri Lankan Sickness and until and unless it is cured, the Country has NO HOPE of moving forward.

This is the first time in History of Government Service, that the employees of the Wildlife Department themselves have agitated against the resignation of their Director General. In fact it is the first time that any employees of a Government Department or Ministry have done so on behalf of their BOSS.

What does that tell you? Either ALL the employees are crooks, or he was the only Boss who permitted them to do their JOB without fear or favor, and BACKED them to the hilt if they performed their job in accordance with their duties, and IN KEEPING with the law of the land, that is clear and unambigoius.

It is clear that Minister Sajith Premadasa is lying, as this kind of denial in the face of so much evidence to the contrary, is NOT defensible and goes to the heart of his integrity. Unfortunately he may not realize that his integrity is in question here! That is why I said it is part of the DNA. Being an animal lover, going to Yala a zillion times, photographing and documenting animals, and believing it your right to break the rules that others have to follow on entry to any National Park, does not IN ANY WAY protect one from personality defects of personal animosity to people. That, if a common personality trait, precludes one from holding high office, as it removes objectivity and fairness in decision making.

As for the action of the Minister of Sustainable Development and Wildlife, no one relies on his statements due to his age, and senility, and permits him a degree of leeway due to being an elder statesman. We must have some regard to our disabled politicians, and take what he says with a pinch of salt, and I am sure even the DG of Wildlife Conservation has realized in such a short period of interaction, not to get too uptight with statements and utterance from this gentlemen of the past.

It will certainly be another disaster, four in a month for Sri Lanka, if the PM is not able to persuade Dr. Pilapitiya to withdraw his resignation and continue on the job.