Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Whose tune is the Defense Secretary playing?

In a recent article by Dr Thrishantha Nanayakkara a lecturer at Kings College London, he makes it clear that the Sinhala people who assisted the Govt in defeating the LTTE did so, that we can wipe out terrorism from the Island and instead restore democracy and the rights enshrined in the Constitution.

We know what has happened since. I note below the comment I wrote in response to the above article.

The last paragraph paraphrases it all. We have a person in the capacity of the Defense Secretary who is a traitor to Sri Lanka. He does not care that he is a traitor, because of his warped bias towards only one sector of Sri Lanka. You MUST protect all citizens of Sri Lanka, but then you have taken an oath of allegiance to the US Constitution haven’t you – traitor!
If he believes that Sri Lanka is a Sinhala Buddhist Country, and it is only they who have rights, then why doesn’t he go all out for it openly rather than hide under a skirt pretending!
One has to show ones cards on the table like a man! then there is no play acting, it is clear.
So lay the cards on the table, make a choice, Multicultural Sri Lanka or only one for the Sinhala Buddhists and we will see where it settles. Isn’t that fair? We will then be able to sift between the patriots and traitors finally, instead of behaving like a patriot who is a traitor to his motherland.
Its nothing personal, it is the future of the Country that is at stake by your behaviour, and we have permitted you enough opportunity to give leadership, and you have only let us down badly (not defended the Constitution of Sri Lanka)
If you don’t wish to be a traitor, then simply change the Constitution so that it is clear that you are defending the Constitution, NOT attacking it as is done now.
This is the inevitable result of giving unelected foreign spies too much unchecked power in our motherland. The buck stops with the President for permitting it.
It is up to us who daily toil through the hardships of Sri Lanka created by this kleptocracy that does not understand what it is to be patriotic and loyal, who are ruining this nation with so much potential to lead the nations of the world.
A country with such promised so woefully desecrated by the wonton destruction of nationhood, by a false sense of patriotism is the root cause. We must not  lose hope as we know in the end bad overcomes good, and we are merely passing through. Don’t lose hope, we may not live long enough but those we leave this country to  deserve better.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Crimes and Punishment! Sri Lanka Style – Accused?

The 40 year tragedy of Sri Lanka is that the Crimes committed in the past 40 years were by Sri Lankan citizens, and the victims were Sri Lankan Citizens. The Government engages in constant comparisons of the US crimes in the Middle East, Afghanistan and latterly of crime by UAVs in Pakistan.
When a US citizen is a target of a crime it gets sensational news, as in the case where the US had a killed a US citizen deliberately in Pakistan as a matter of policy of targeting him.
Using that standard, as Sri Lankan logic is so warped, that US has been engaged in systematic massacres in Iraq etc. how about the fact that in Sri Lanka we cannot point fingers at anyone else for the crimes committed in Sri Lanka by our own kind. Whether you are Tamil, Muslim, JVP or LTTE it is all about Sri Lankans killing Sri Lankans. We are a nation of murderers, and where NONE of these 200,000 murders has resulted in even one person being prosecuted. That must be a record.
No one in Sri Lanka has received the death penalty for any of the crimes committed in the past 40 years in the name of patriotism, liberation, terrorism or massacre. There is therefore NO possibility of ANYONE being accused, prosecuted or even convicted of the thousands of series of heinous crimes committed during this period.
This simply means that we live amidst a bunch of murderers all the way from the top and accordingly gives shelter to the murderers down there. These guilty have conveniently forgotten their guilt, presuming innocence and as a patriotic duty and have gone to their graves, or met more violent ends, but NEVER had to face man for their crimes. Their maker is probably giving them a hard time in the outerworld.
Psychologists often say that until there is closure people cannot move on. That is why we in Sri Lanka are still in war time mood, imagining we are about to go back to war. It is obviously very conducive to the Government not to resolve the problem as it can divert the attention of the public from more pressing matters.
We owe it to the Country to get above this petty politics of playing the same blame game, and call a spade a spade, face the facts and move on. When our leaders live in an escapist world where they think they have not done anything wrong, it is their reasoning of right and wrong that is at fault, and not whether some event occurred or not.
Time to stop the rot, bite the bullet, open up our hearts and our heads to all who will listen and get on with building the spirit of our citizens to overcome our failings.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The whole stinking mess opens again! – The Matale Mass Graves

The nightmare of Sri Lanka continues. The unbelievable sequence of events that began with the first JVP uprising on 5th April 1971 has, after the loss of more than 250,000 lives, as a direct result of uprisings since, have not yet ended! 150,000 deaths occurred without closure for the families involved, and  is Sri Lanka’s legacy to a world, where man’s inhumanity to man for causes borne out of frustration remains as a dark indelible patch on the history of this nation.
It is perhaps the largest loss of life that this country has ever endured, pestilence and malaria included, in that short time span, and we HAVE NOT learned any lessons from it. On the eve of Govt. sponsored terror regaining its ugly head, let us for a moment ponder on what is required for closure. 
The mere fact of trying to sweep it under the carpet is why it resurfaces. It is under the carpet stupid, not completely swept away! So from time to time it surfaces.
It is clear who is implicated in the latest memory of the JVP uprising and subsequent violent suppression. Leopards in Sri Lanka never change their spots, how hard they try to forget, and it is a case of de ja vu yet again. It is the Country that has had to undergo severe hardship as a result of such traitors, and as I noted in January in this same blog, see link below, nothing appears to change.
It is time that we got a grip on what is needed to firstly have closure. Bring the culprits to book, and then begin a NEW dawn in Sri Lanka.
Nothing will or can happen as long as this old rearguard action of the existing Kleptocracy clings to power. It can only happen when this Kleptocracy has to face the music of their own making. Then as an example to others, it will be a lesson to those contemplating on fooling our people that it cannot last.
We must make commitments and laws that prevent the present system of state sponsored terrorism, where no one is safe from the Govt. clutches. Laws are not enforced, in fact broken. Rules are made along the way to suit a few, and there is a complete breakdown in moral and ethical values.
The examples we see all around us where over 100 Govt. politicians today are behind bars, and an equal number awaiting interdiction, with another similar number also facing the threat of prosecution by the Bribery Commission is an indication that we have to rid ourselves of the current power structure. They are not fit to govern, let alone set an example for others to follow.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The movement to abolish the Executive Presidency is just that!

A couple of days ago the movement to abolish the Presidency led by the Venerable Madulawawe Sobitha Thera received much publicity. They are intent on putting forward, or at least supporting a Candidate for President who advocates an immediate Amendment to the Constitution to abolish the Executive Presidency.
It must be remembered that at the time MR was elected for the first time this was a plank in which his Mahinda Chinthana stood. It is now confined to the dustbins of history along with everything in the Mahinda Chinthana, and it is now only make believe words that are put out misusing the Mahinda Chinthana as the basis for this and that program that is launched or announced.
I wrote a comment to the article in the link by Kusal Perera shown after the link(it)
The belief is that merely using the abolition of the Executive Presidency as its theme song, is sufficient to gain traction as an alternative to the Rajapakse kleptocracy.
That is not sufficient to draw on in elections, and a Common candidate that the UNP will definitely not subscribe to is going to strengthen the Rajapakse Presidency rather than result in an abolitionist President.
Given that stark reality it is essential then only for the main opposition to lift itself out of its doldrums, and come up with an inclusive platform, reaching out to a sense of the party’s origins, in times of less friction, and appeal to the innate sense of the people to live in peace and prosperity without the resurgent fundamentalism.
It is the race and religion based political parties that first need to be discredited as being divisive. If the opposition can succeed in doing that then there is light at the end of the tunnel to have a credible platform that gives a place to all Sri Lankans without fear or favor to prosper and grow. Only then will this country reach its true potential.
Whilst I do believe this is a contribution to the debate, there is no reasonable explanation as to the system of credible government to be adopted in its place. The whole concept falls there. It is simply because MR has proven to be so ruthless in taking over all powers of state, that he has abused the spirit with which the Execitive Presidency was set up in the first place that even JR could never envisage a human being capable of such malpractice in a Buddhist guise.
We can only pray that the time is up for this kleptocracy, and when they really dig their own shallow graves, they will unmistakenly fall right in. Only then will the country be saved from the unholy alliance of fundamentalists and right wing dictatorships bent on robbing the country of not just its past, but also its future by way of mortgaging the whole country to forces outside of the land. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Like everything that this Govt. currently does, it has even reversed the Ethanol ban

It should come as no surprise to the people that the much hyped Ethanol ban, a little over a month ago, along with the full publicity given to the two Ethanol containers of high strength alcohol which was apprehended, is now followed by a reversal of the ban, and further with NO upper limit on the Ethanol strength. Earlier prior to the ban there was an upper limit of around 80% proof!
Now that the two ethanol containers were released by the Customs after the importers, Govt. officials, paid the Customs a Rs10M bribe, and the excuse used was that they could not prosecute the importer as the seal on the container was broken when the importer was not present! So all these technicalities mean that existing importers, that is only those with previous licenses can import 96% proof Ethanol into the country, and if I was to wish to do so I will not be given permission, even if I can import better quality for less!! It all sounds very odd, and typically, few are querying what is happening.
It is time we all got up and said hold it right there or I will shoot!!!!
Inconsistent policies are worse than no policies and we are seeing a flood of schizophrenic activity. It is a sign that there is NO ONE in charge of running this Country. Everyone in power, including the senior secretaries of the ministries realize that there are no decision makers least of all their own ministers unless their name ends with a Rajapakse, so they too are engaged in a wholesale deception campaign to fool and befuddle their Minister, usually a man who can easily be conned, into making outrageous statements to the public so they can chuckle in the background when their boss makes an ass of himself.
The cry in this blog is for sane people to rise up, speak up and take a stand against this growing trend of lunacy in Government affecting the ability of our country to function.
Another instance of this lunacy was the garbled language of a message in the Mattala Airport Inauguration Souvenir see link:
Which does not just bastardize the English language it actually creates an unintelligible language all of its own! One just has to read it to fall off one’s chair or be totally shamed at being a Sri Lankan knowing the depths to which this administration is taking this country and the people with it! I appeal to the people of Sri Lanka, how long are you willing to permit this abuse on your person?

With the last king a Tamil a Buddhist and speaking Tamil in court what is all the fuss about?

When I tell people the last King of the Kandyan Kingdom was a Tamil, they don’t believe it. When I further state that one of the main languages of the Court was also Tamil, they tell me to get out of here, and so we have bred some dastardly bastards who claim to be Kandyan but have no clue about what Kandyan Hospitality was all about.
Kandyan hospitality created a fairer community in the hills, whose genes both technically interbred, due to their method of marrying within close knit families, and polyandry, and also of sharing foreigners with their wives resulting in the more knowledgeable and less mentally deficient sons and daughters turning out to be fair. Remember many a product of interbreeding had severe defects, one of which was a huge reduction in fertility. This enabled the products of secret liaisons to emerge as the new Kandyan and the more able of them were promoted to positions of authority, which then resulted in the Adigars of the Kandyan Kingdom, and other noblemen.
That said it is important that this history is also taught so that the prejudice many have against Tamils is set aside, and instead replaced with gene testing that prove that many Sinhala people have blood from all parts of the globe, and technically Tamil people have more native in them, along with their Dravidian counterparts in South India.
All this goes to prove the whole boru show, about two nations. We are one nation, who must live side by side equally giving both languages equal status, and all in Sri Lanka must be taught three languages, with English an essential language of the global workplace where we find our citizens having to compete with others.
I know that in time when knowledge improves, some of the divisive politics of racial bigots will be extinguished forever. I tolerate a lot of the nonsense that is spewed by racist fear mongering, because I know that it is a matter of time when all the assumptions and innuendos that are made against other races and religions disappears into the ether. It is therefore interesting to read the last gasps of these bigots in their blogs, trying to get traction on subjects they know nothing of.
I am impatient to see this transformation amongst our very young, so that we no longer have to live in a society of prejudice and misplaced fear of minorities. The threat to society is really the idiot who is full of hate, based on false premises. It is important that children who are born with no prejudice remain such, with the adults having to undergo a transition from divisive thinking to inclusive thinking. Let us not forget that this bigot, is Buddhist, Muslim, Christian and Hindu too.

Friday, April 5, 2013

It is truly a wonder if the SLFP enrolled 2M new members! It is a bigger wonder if there is anyone one who actually believes the Govt. statement!!!

In this wonder of Asia it is all about wonders, and now there is yet another wonder. The SLFP, the principle constituent of the UPFA government said that last week’s Nil Rella new membership drive enrolled 2 million members in the last week.
We are now left wondering if there are any people left who have not enrolled in either main party.
It is this sort of dedicated wishful thinking that defines everything this Govt does, and the fact that there still remains a dedicated band of followers who blindly take anything thrown at them, is what makes the citizen of this Country a product of a very stunted education system.
People not being able to think rationally whether something is likely to be true, is at the heart of the problem where they live in denial of reality. It is therefore important to try and explain time and time again why such absurd statements are ABSURD!!! In spending time one on one to make people realize that  I am not intent on brainwashing people to believe what I do, but to look at what they believe and why, and if it is improbable, what is the likely reason for such asinine statements, then the rational person is likely to form his own opinion, without being prompted.
It is this level of deduction, that I would like to see amongst our populace, and then we may be able to have a rational form of government which is nearer one that is practical, bearing in mind the needs of the citizens of Sri Lanka. It is therefore a considerable task to overcome state sponsored mind altering brainwashing techniques, aimed at perpetuating a form of Government which is not assisting in the tangible development of society for the benefit of most of the Citizens who live in the Island.
It is important that we are able to measure the faith in our leaders, by their utterances. It is also important therefore that they know that they cannot fool their constituents into unrealistic promises. Only then will Sri Lanka obtain true leadership from their elected Government to serve the people, rather than at present, where the leadership is engaged in a huge swindle which they have been able to hide by the deficit in thinking of the electorate. They have been able to misuse the Media to their advantage as a result. An electorate with better analytical skills will be able to see right from wrong and treat information fed with sufficient skepticism to ensure that a more rational basis of test will be performed on future contenders for leadership. We only deserve better when we know better.