Friday, January 1, 2016

Sri Lanka Economic Forum 2016 @ Cinnamon Grand 7th 8th Jan 2016 – Jokers Paradise!

A hugely important event will be held on Thursday, January 7th 2016, with a stellar cast of characters including the Capitalist Tool, Billionaire George Soros.

This was done through Harvard University at the behest of the PM, Ranil Wickremasinghe, but obviously like all things emanating from the PM’s office, the task has been given to political opportunists, who cant organize a piss up in a Brewery. THAT REFLECTS VERY BADLY ON SRI LANKA and its ability to organize such piss ups.

Firstly there is a list of MUST attend people, they should be the great thinkers of the day, in private, professional and public life. Sadly the organizers DON’T have such a list, or the most important visionary thinkers who would both benefit from and be able to contribute then or later to the important debate about Sri Lanka’s future.

Instead the brain dead/no brain organizers have yet to send invitations to the important people, most of whom, are either overseas, already committed, or are given too short notice to prepare for such an important event. Once sent, they will have NO clue how many of them will be able to attend, and will fill the empty places from hangers on who are more interested in the booze, and being photographed with or selfied upon the PM! Remember it is in the interests of the hangers on who are given the task of handling the invitations, NOT to do so, so they can ensure their entrance, therefore the PM’s office devoid of a professional CEO/Chief of Staff has mishandled this so badly that old George is unlikely to make a presence in future, knowing the incompetence and lack of ability to grasp on the part of the Govt. Once the PM reads this he will know what I mean, finally.

The jokers who will be vying for seats at the Forum, will be the politicians who want to be seen, namely those who don’t understand Economics let alone policy planning, and importance of decision making now for a secure future.

Sadly another chance of change for the better, is destroyed by the sycophants around the leaders, and the Country with a promising future is yet held hostage by a small, but influential bunch of incompetent hypocrites! Sorry George! 


  1. So True - Bet you they will insert Tony Blair at the last Moment - as they do not want to give time for those that do not like him to collect rotten eggs.

    1. Quite right, Unknown. In fact Tony has been in your country for two days and will be attending the forum. If you can't find rotten eggs, dead cats will do.

    2. (fuller details here, with Tony's travels this year)