Monday, January 25, 2016

Lets Rehabilitate the Rehabilitation Ministry!

What business has the Rehabilitation Ministry got to do with building the houses for the 65,000 displaced families? Playing GOD is not what they should do, they should find a livelihood for these people. Building homes for them will not solve the problem it will create more problems.

Sri Lanka’s biggest problem is the lack of mobility of its labor force. All Sri Lankans want to live in a Castle of their own on Terra Ferma. That is part of the Sri Lankan disease! So spending a Billion dollars building a cookie cutter house for each looking exactly alike seems to be Govt’s answer to this supposed problem! Wrong WRONG WRONG~ !!!!!!!!!!!!

Each family has a different problem, and you cannot solve them all equally. See what happened when the Govt. gave land to landless and just settled them in huge agricultural schemes. The have planted themselves there and will not move even though they are starving, and broke, and there are 250,000 vacancies elsewhere that cannot be filled. NO DIFFERENCE WITH THIS LOT.

Now Hirdaramani’s have built a Rs450M factory in Mullaithivu which the President opened yesterday, and that is the best thing that happened to those fortunate enough to get employment there. Start by looking at the living conditions of these people as an example, and see if they can be accommodated so they don’t have a long commute to work, and at the beginning provide them with rented accommodation, building flats (not high rise with lift, just three floors, for 150 families with one working at the complex, and build a satellite town around the factory as the main employer.

You will automatically provide employment for at least two more people of that family, running a shop, working in an eatery, hair salon, internet cafĂ©, post office, nurse in the local hospital, security guard, day labor on construction sites etc. How much will this cost? Much less than the 300M all imported and borrowing financed option as detailed below, quite succinctly in Namini Wijedasa’s article in the Sunday Times.

Just think about it 3 bread winners instead of one in the 65K houses! Soon you will see them driving around in Altos!

It is a no brainer, to do a step by step approach, rather than be forced into a stupid mega project just because we need to appease some foreign Tamil Lobby who don’t have one care in the world for Tamils, in Sri Lanka, but to justify their pathetic existence in the West. At least if they integrate with the host community they will wean themselves off of this inferiority complex. 


  1. Sri Lanka's biggest obstacle to growth is the immobility of labor. People would rather starve then move elsewhere (except of course the Middle East) to work, as the land of the lotus eaters ensure they can eat lotuses and get the shade of a Jack tree and contemplate their navels!

    So don't encourage immobility, encourage mobility, after all it is only the TNA who want to plant them there to starve, as it is a political game for them, and the people are pawns. The moment you empower the Tamil, he is NO ONE's pawn, so please give them the freedom to do what they want where ever they want to, just help them please to do what they want, and don't give them what they really don't want.



    It is well worth reading this link that analyses the problem. Sunday Times of February 14th 2016