Thursday, January 28, 2016

These senile barbarians are talking whilst the Industry is losing! (WILDLIFE)

It is a very sad state of affairs when peacocks attend parades, just to preen themselves in front of the public, but actually they have nothing useful to say, and they don’t know their subject matter AT ALL.

This was the case the other day, when the CITES Secretary General was in town to add support for the Sri Lankan initiative to destroy the Bood Ivory in public.

The National Parks MUST BE given out to a professional team to manage. The receipts, from Park Entry going direct to the Treasury and the Expenses coming out of the Treasury MUST BE STOPPED. There is NO accountability at ALL.

Give me the task of running the parks, taking the revenue, but also maintaining, restricting entry etc. I will save money and I will improve the tourism product by leaps and bounds. These old fogies have NO CLUE how to do it.

The link above is about the massive corruption of the Construction of the special place for wild elephants, and I am privy to information that this pen that people had said was so SECURE that NO elephant could ever get out, HAS ALREADY BEEN BREACHED, and not a word has come out of the facts, as the officials are embarrassed beyond belief and are worried about the scandal affecting them. It is all about cheap work, and as usual, Sri Lankans making money from using cheap construction materials and the officials turning a blind eye to it. SO GET RID OF THE SYSTEM THAT ALLOWS THIS!

I can pay for 50 Vets for the department. Currently the department has only 5 VETS and they cannot be everywhere, and so many animals die, including Elephants. WHY IS there NO stink about this? The powers that be want an easy life that’s why.

I will restrict park entry, I will have in park camps that will increase revenue NOT in Yala, but there are others that MUST take the pressure off of Yala. These are just a few ideas, but I can give more if I have time to research this subject and increase net income and have the jewel of the tourist trade, so they all go home happy. Now they are miserable – too many jeeps, too many touts, and a very inadequate park ranger contingent, with no investment in toilets and vitiation points, and other basic wildlife amenities. 

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