Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Drafting a new Constitution – by Dummies!

Just think about it, Civil Society Activists who have been at the forefront of bitter fights with previous Governments, funded by Foreign NGOs are taking the space of people’s representations for a new Constitution, similar to the for a illustrated in the link below:

What is wrong with that? Plenty! As they have been part of the process of discrediting the 18th Amendment and in the forefront of the 19th Amendment, in short too engrossed in the Rajapakse ineptitude and the subsequent reversal of their structure, to really understand what it is Sri Lanka needs for the future!

They are all fossils of the past! Look at the photo. Is there one ounce of originality in their thinking. They are relics of a by gone age, completely out of tune with tomorrow. They MUST all be dispatched to the history books gathering dust as they bear NO relevance to what Sri Lanka wants for 2065, if this Country is ever to get there in one piece not in ethnic terms, these fossils are lost in, but as a whole country, where the air is clean, the water drinkable, and the land free of pollution and degradation. There is NO point in their Constitution if it means a barren land with no people to live in it.

The fundamentals of life is that people will attempt to move to a more livable place from a less livable place in their own measurement of that word! The proposals will only mean that those who can afford it will move out of Sri Lanka leaving those who are unable to get out, scratching their heads about what to do with the worthless freedoms some fossils of the past bequeathed on them.

None of the jokers in the photo, will be alive in 2065 to see the mess they created, and actually they don’t care, as all of them just want to live out the rest of their lives with comfort and if possible reflected glory on their contribution to the new Constitution. TELL ME IF I AM WRONG PLEASE.

We NEED a constitution for the future, NOT the present, and few understand this future, better than those born after 1st January 1990. They are the real stakeholders of the constitution, as they will be 75 in 2065, and will reflect on their handiwork, and take responsibility for its creation. We must include the best and brightest of this age of youth, in the constitutional process, and NOT have any of the above involved, except ensuring that the legal jargon and completeness of proposals to make certain provisions NOT open to interpretation, that the young are usually weak in their eagerness for change!   

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