Monday, January 25, 2016

We love to open new things and brag about them, but we don’t half know how to maintain them

Sri Lankans are the world’s worst at maintaining anything. It is almost as if they are blind to maintenance. In London a very high service charge on a property means it holds its value and rises faster in value, and benefits the owner, as the place is maintained up to a very high standard. In Sri Lanka, people complain about the Condo fees, and so those with the lowest Condo fees just look like a slum, and no one wants to live in them, and so their value DOES NOT RISE and the owner wonders why!

In the same vein, there is increasing traffic on the Southern Expressway with the huge increase in the number of expensive cars in Sri Lanka with no where to test their quality except for the Southern Expressway! But just look at the state of the Road, an absolute and utter disgrace, and something must be done!

Why are those entrusted with this job, and being given the budget with sufficient revenue coming in ( not enough to repay the interest and capital) but enough to maintain. It is because the person in charge and those under him are LAZY and no one is held accountable, (another SL problem) as everyone passes the buck. Until we have hard task masters at senior positions in Govt. to enforce standards, discipline we will forever remain a failed state.

The problem is when who we think should take responsibility is informed about it, he or she passes the buck saying it is not their responsibility. There is ONE answer to this.

ALL GOVT. SERVANTS must have a list of what they are held accountable for. Then they can be held to account. SO why not start writing this list. I have already suggested a list of work for the Chief of Staff for the PM starting with the fact that he cannot attend any events, but be in his office, with all his staff from 8 am to 10 pm every day, (staff can be on a roster) so that the work can be managed and executed. So for example he gets a complaint on the above issue, he knows who to call, make the request, and tell them to report back with results in 3 days, and there is a follow up of this, and a personal FINE for any delay.

Just think how the system will change overnight! A sea change. Administratively the State is simply pathetic, with NO ONE doing what they should be, and instead complaining about the other person, for not doing their job. If we each complete the tasks assigned us, this place will change fast. 

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