Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cretins at the Economic Forum – Today at the Cinnamon Grand

In a few minutes the long awaited and much anticipated Economic Forum will commence under the auspices of the PM and President. In fact it was neither long awaited nor much anticipated as no one who should know about it knew anything about it. Whose fault is it? Clearly the PM’s office.

Worse instead of charging a minimum Rs150,000 per head for the 500 atending at the OAK Room  (approx US$1,000) for the two day gathering, they are based on Invitations! Think what the PMs office could have done with the Rs75M thus collected? Have a policy document for discussion within 30 days of what needs to be done on EVERY aspect of development and how and time frame, so each and every Govt. servant will know their job requirement if they are to keep their job, and work can begin in earnest on February 16th 2016. A no nonsense plan of action. Enough Talk!

All of the 50 MPs so invited except for the PM of course who is always punctual, will be on Sri Lanka time, at least an hour late, blaming it all on the traffic, which they themselves should have solved a long time ago. So these are the first set of Cretins. Sadly every point under discussion will be lost on them, including the PhD’s attending if there are any amongst them, as the PhD is a common or garden variety.

Then the Columbians, with more money than sense, those who inherited Daddy’s money, and think they have increased it 100 fold (when it is all the reason of the Middle East remittances that have resulted in a 100 fold increase in Property prices!) who are gunning for tickets, with promises of untold riches, to the jokers responsible for distributing them on behalf of the PM, makes a mockery of the freebie!

They just want to be at the next cocktail party to be one up on the rest by getting a ticket, a HOT COMMODITY today, and that is all. They won’t understand one end of the word economic from the other, and have seriously done nothing to enhance the value of Brand Sri Lanka.

To cap it all I am willing to bet my life that the total tax dodge between the MPs there and the Rich because they dodged their taxes, is about Rs10B just for the year 2015. SO is it really justified that those who have defaulted on their taxes are given a free ticket entry to the above forum, when those who have paid their taxes or are not even earning enough to pay taxes, are not even identified as those who can seriously contribute to the debate and are hence NOT INVITED?

The sum total over their lifetime of those present who have NOT paid their share of Income, Corporate and other Taxes, (many have evaded the Customs duty by bribing the Customs officers.) is approximately Rs100B.

READERS please understand that there is the highest concentration of criminals in one place in Sri Lanka at the Econ Forum at the Cinnamon Grand this morning. Only if Stieglitz and Soros know that it will be the first thing they will say, “ if those of you who are gathered today, paid taxes, I will not need to be here” “you would have been amongst the top 10 developed countries on earth!”