Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sustainability – a word that should now be replaced by Renewability!

We have now heard the word Sustainable development and in Sinhala it is “Thirasara Sanwardenayaya” but when I debate this issue with the Youth who are the stake holders of the future, to whom this should mean something they are just saying “BOLLOCKS” to it.

They want RENEWABILITY. So for example they want a Country to return to 50% forest cover, completely Organic, as they now see perfectly healthy people die like flies within days from diseases such as cancer and kidney disease.

So I HAVE made it an attempt for 2016 to bring to the fore to my readers, who I trust if they are able to comprehend, accept, and then spread the word, that it is more important to renew some of what we have lost, if that is practical in the effort to return the Country to some semblance of livability, that has been lost through years of destruction, with the elected Politicians taking the leadership in the wanton destruction of Sri Lanka to fulfill some of their immediate needs!

If we declare the next decade the decade of RENEWABILITY, we will guarantee, Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Food, a return of 50% Forest Cover, and possibly the best place on earth to live in. Now are we saying NO to this in the interests of some half baked plan to build some superhighways destroying what little remains of forests?

That is the question be must ask.

Is a day of CONTEMPLATION desirable to a day of CONSUMPTION?

A day of contemplation cleans the mind, gives immense pleasure in things we have achieved and makes us look forward to the new day with hope and AWE.
A day of consumption is more like a hangover, a headache to get over, with nothing to show for it, an utterly mournful outlook in the morning a wish to avoid such destructive behavior in the future.  

It is a NO BRAINER. So let us go for it with gusto, as we don’t rape the environment, we don’t take anyone else’s space, we don’t harm anyone or anything, and we rejuvenate our selves. Those advocating a move to religious behavior use this same tried and tested formula to attract adherents. I am not advocating going to any religion for succor, as that means you have NO strength of character to choose for yourself what is right and wrong, and want some one else to do this for you!

Let us therefore NOT just renew our faith, but RENEW everything in life in 201

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