Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Drafting the New Constitution – A fool’s paradise

My last 5 blog entries should have given the reader an insight into the direction I am coming from for the purposes of drawing up a Constitution that WILL STAND THE TEST OF TIME.

There is no chance on this earth, that the proposals, and backward thinking legislators can even think of a Sri Lanka, that can be prosperous and disciplined, as they have NO intention of making it there, because their own selfish interests would then become unattainable.

It is with that simple basic point, that I propose that the whole constitutions vision comes from people who will have to live during its term, and not of those who will definitely be dead fairly shortly! Isn’t that a rational statement for starters?

In the debates I have recently had on this topic, I am told that our Youth are incapable of this vision, but I say, if not they, then who? I broadly agree that the fault of the Education system means we are at a loss to find good people, from amongst the ranks, especially from people in remote communities whose interests, the new CONSTITUTION MUST PROTECT. I however believe there are intelligent people, who can be coerced to give their view of the world, if they are egged on by visionary youth from privileged backgrounds who are dime a dozen in Colombo, the types who will get into Harvard or Oxford, with their eyes closed because of their whole world seeing background and all round experience, something very few of those in the current Wijenayake committee have and those who do, have had it too far in history to be of benefit in the new age of Digital Processed minds, brought up on FB and twitter and the like!

UNLESS this is done as a matter of priority and their suggestions are taken seriously the old dodderers or fools, will come up with ideas only they can understand and drop suggestions like mine as “pie in the sky”. Get real, you guys are the ones who are NOT in the real world and the twenty something’s are part of the real world.

We are talking about the possibility of a Country being on the top rung of the world (a favorable cross between Bhutan and Singapore if you could even imagine that possibility) or a failed state of incompetent buffoons pandering to more buffoons, with all the competents seeking greener pastures in other paradises, taking all the positive energy created with them. This is a very real possibility if we don’t go in a different direction in Constitution making.

Time for a wake-up call, to reconstitute this committee with young blood!

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