Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Scumbags in Colombo are trying desperately to contact the Powers in DAVOS

Not a day passes after the demise of MKDS, when the deal makers in the political world are trying to contact the PM and Malik who are the ones they have to pitch on who to put into the National List to replace him. Actually there is not one but two vacancies, as Hafeez from the SLMC also resigned, but now that RW has the upper hand he will tell Hakeem to fly a kite and will appoint someone else to that position, as Hakeem is no longer an essential power broker!

So when the PM thought he could get away for a few days in the snows of Davos and be on his pedestal, the wannabees are desperately trying to call, and the hapless Private Secretary, Saman Ekanayake has to say that he is busy!

Whilst no one takes no for an answer, it is simply a real pain that this has happened while at the WEC. NO doubt the PM and Malik are discussing this in private, wanting to put one they can completely trust. However the pressure and the lobbying to get others in is simply oppressive.

Technically any loser in the Elections is eligible as well from those originally put on the list. However after refusing to put losers, putting them now unless there is a cast iron case due to political need, to pass the new Constitution, he will have to look elsewhere, which means outside.

I am insistent that this comes from a completely new source, and I want a 25 year old, boy or girl wonder, to represent the YOUTH. There is NO ONE currently in tune with what the youth want, and what they certainly don’t want is party politics, something that is still entrenched in Parliament.

So time to appoint a person WITHOUT party affiliations, and only for competence, and proven excellence who will not sing the tune of any of the present jokers in the Assembly. WOULDN’T IT BE REFRESHING? Just think about it. High time we have some refreshing thoughts not the staid and yesterdays news of the old school politics.

The only way the PM can ensure a future SL with no party politics bickering is to put someone without this allegiance, and show that the way forward is through independent thought in the best interests of the Country. 

SOMEONE WITH NO ALLEGIANCE – WOW – Time for a new idea, to start the new year and the new Constitutional process, and give it some lift off, and show the fossils that their time is now better spent, watching the birds fly!

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