Thursday, January 7, 2016

We are blessed when compared to the English – and we are still trying to go there! Whats up people?

We must be one of the most ungrateful Countries on earth, where we have still not succeeded in protecting our country’s beauty, but trash it literally, and continue to leave it in droves to inhospitable and exploitative Countries such as Dubai and Cold and miserable climes such as England, and we think that those places are more desirable than home.

The English seem to have bought up the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka, and they appear to be loving it as not only have the property prices there dazzled them, by their rise, but their quality of life has gone up by leaps and bounds, and they wonder what the natives are complaining about! 

The English live in small spaces, heavily concentrated in big cities and towns, and a proper house in the Country is certainly never affordable to our Locals who go there, unless they are doctors or other professionals. So why live in a slum? What is it that they want? I don’t understand.

The UK has a huge pressure on housing. House prices have gone through the roof, especially in London and the Home Counties and the M25 corridor. Thankfully they have the green belt and extremely tough planning laws, that ensure that the Countryside remains pristine for the upper middle class and the super rich who live in glorious country estates from 1 to 240,000 acres if the Dukes of Buccleuch are included. Some property has remained in the same family for more than 500 years, due to primogeniture, where ONLY one member of the family inherits the whole property, and the others are well settled one way or the other, or are sent to the colonies to take what they can!

It is wonderful to be English only if you are in the horsy set, who go for pheasant shoots with friends on their land, and enjoy the great outdoors due to the level of wealth one has to enjoy. That is only for the top 5% who have it good there and here too. The others are better off in Sri Lanka, with only an old age pension that is better than here to keep them going to a miserable 100 and finally dying in a lonely bed in an Old Age Home!

Hardly any of the 250,000 Sri Lankans who have fled there will be able to fit back in here, but they justify their lives as being better as they compare to the time they left and not the present. Anyone selling their home and returning to SL can live like a proverbial knight in his castle, but have to put up with the indiscipline and illogicality of life here, which must change once the jokers in power are herded to their pens and left to decay. 

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