Friday, January 8, 2016

SL Economic Forum – The ONLY real policy decision that can change the dynamic once and for all - Read on

I have never known of a Columbian set of quasi intellectuals (95% of those attending the Economic Forum yesterday 7th January to see Soros, Stieglitz and Hausman, in person will fall into this category) who will follow up with concrete proposals, and better still adopt some of them and discard others rationally, so that we can actually achieve the result envisaged by this EVENT.

Otherwise like I said, it will be another of the typically well intentioned, but totally useless time-wasting seminars, that this same crowd waste the entrance fees of their sponsors, indulge in. This time it was FREE even better, BUT will anyone go back to office, and implement or even pressure Govt. to implement these dynamic policies to re energize this Country back in to a renewable development and growth model that cuts across ALL sectors of our society.

Watching the proceedings on live streaming, some of the ideas from these so called experts are Mickey Mouse ideals not suited to SL. However, that is par of the course of such gatherings, meant to stimulate more homegrown solutions based on our cultural and unique mentality emanating from SL and only understandable by locals, leaving foreigners to scratch their heads, and wonder!

There is one hard truth I have learned to our COST. Only foreigners and a select few of visionary Sri Lankans who have had extensive periods in creative overseas employment, who can truly create and expand Brand Sri Lanka to the world. We MUST understand this “first rule of thumb”. NO Royalist even, with a first class degree from Moratuwa, bi-lingual, and a brilliant software engineer to boot will still know how to create value in Sri Lanka. The latter will be as I know more than one example, snapped up by a UK technology company, given a UK visa within 24 hours, and now work in London at the equiv of Rs30lakhs a month, with no flow back to SL, is all they will do at present.

My blog IMPLORED give all Sri Lankans born here or parent born here, AUTOMATIC right of residence and work, and passport in SL. They will come, find the niches, and build Sri Lanka to the world, transforming this Island as ONLY they can, as there are over 3Million of them, from which the best Fifty Thousand will come to invest. We don’t need Soros or any of the other pontificators on a mission!

Sri Lanka’s best brains are in that 3 million, only those with the Island mentality remain, the fossils NOT willing to enter into this covenant. Dream in Technicolor if you think you will get the needed Investment from any other means to get our GNP per capita to US$15,000 in ten years.

Only a policy change, and the jokers in Govt. can go to sleep for ten years!  Wake up and discover how the world has changed. 

JUST THINK ABOUT IT! Can you offer a more realistic solution? SO IMPLEMENT this piece of legislation at tomorrow's sitting in parliament. The bill does not even run into one page! You have got the solution to our future MEGALOPOLIS not even MEGAPOLIS!   

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