Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Davos is not a place to do deals to line one’s pockets – its for visionaries not also rans to talk in sign language

It is important to know why the PM has been invited to Davos. He is a world renowned intellectual and visionary, perhaps with Aspergers, that further enhances his credibility and intellect!

He will be at home discussing the next generation world with this theme of the Fourth! Look at the stellar list of women, and we with a former woman Pres and former women PM (possibly unique there) don’t have a brainy beauty there!

Whilst the PM will certainly be quite at home, I don’t think the rest of the delegation would. They will only want to be seen with the powers, but the magic just cannot rub off on them. The PM will look the other way and shake hands with Warren Buffet and Warren would not mind a bit, as he knows the world is full of quirky billionaires who are so engrossed in their own pet subject. That is how things are. PM is full of pet subjects but NOT his delegation.

I know the PM just did not have time to think of whom to take with him, and actually someone in charge, should make the decision on who should go, as SL being invited for the first time will be ON SHOW this time and a crying shame to display our wares, totally unimpressive in comparison.

I am giving a link to the Fourth and see if Ravi or Malik are on the same plane! I rather think not, but a teen or a twenty something will get something out of it to bring back to SL.

It starts today, lots of activities, and do we even have a reporter at least one, who understands what it is all about to truly report with alacrity, which we mere mortals would love to be in sync with? There in lies the rub.

Dennis Chinthaka from Lankadeepa, an old favorite of the PM but a total bozo as far as appreciating what Davos is about has been dispatched to report. I am NOT expecting anything enlightening to come from such a reporter, as it is a gizmo genius with a flair for the supernatural who should be there reporting on after party goings on, more interesting than the serious sessions, which can be left to another day.

I just hope the terrorism in the Middle East and fall in Global Markets DO NOT dominate proceedings as that is outside the scope of this meeting that should discuss the future after all of that is history. LETS HOPE 

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