Thursday, January 21, 2016

Public Servants – surfing the web on tax payers’ money!

Do you want public servants to spend time on work other than that which they were hired to do? NO, and that includes surfing the web on their own tab or that of the State, or organization providing employment.

If 60% of Public Servants spend 2 hours on average on the Net on their own thing, it is addiction that you cannot wean them from. They have got used to it, and unlike private companies where you could lose your job, and in some they restrict internet usage, there is NO ONE supervising this, as many work without supervision.

New rules MUST be even included in the Constitution that says, that the State jobs are ALSO subject to redeployment at least, if not firing. In any case raising retirement age in the future to 75 must also be allowed without having to go for a Constitutional Amendment!

Productivity of state employees is bad enough. Senior managers have given up on trying to rein them in, as they see it as pointless, as most are transferred out of that position faster than the sleeping worker, who will continue after the boss! It is a vicious cycle.

RULES RULES RULES. They must be tightened, otherwise this free for all will kill the Country as a whole.

Go to any Divisional Secretariat, and the 35 staff who have assigned duties to help the public, a number that is common to almost all these offices, are NOT in their seats. Some are doing their own thing and the Divisional Secretary knows better than pull rank, in order to keep the peace. Even on PUBLIC day, when they MUST be in the office, no one enforces this basic requirement, inconveniencing the hapless public still further.

I am sure if the New Constitution stipulates the duties and responsibilities of the public servant, and they can vary, but MUST be clearly given to them in writing, the public can take them to Court, to enforce this if they fail, keeping them definitely on notice, that they can be taken to Court and they have to pay the Court Costs, and not the state. Wouldn’t that be a welcome change?

Unless we do something now and it is the opportune time to change the status quo once and for all, we are never going to get this Golden Opportunity Ever!

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