Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The PM in Davos with the wrong team!

For the first time, Sri Lanka has been invited to participate in the WEF in Davos, and the PM is heading a team comprising of some also rans. Think about it. If you were a visionary PM you would take some young buck, despite a wide criticism from the nodding donkeys who only criticize because of ignorance.

Your team must ONLY have 5 others, 2 in their 20s and 3 in their 30s, and Sandra you are a loyal foot soldier and a great lass, as you have been very good to me, but you must give over to a young, attractive, capable 20 something who can do your job with double the energy, and make a mark in Davos, where people are so eager to see who the delegation is. We have plenty out there in Colombo, who could match anyone, even Cameron in a debate and only be the PM’s secretary and person Friday. She could use her charm to get a meeting with the wealthiest and outstanding business men of the day, I am sure Soros could have done the initial PR job, and snag top world leaders with charm.

This exposure will automatically turn even a simple secretary onto the world stage, and we in Sri Lanka will be proud. (Sandra no offence, but you know what I mean)

Shame on Sri Lanka NOT to have any young person who is just so good, but not a politician, who by nature are dishonest, to impress the rest of the world.

That is where the vision things comes in. PM if you are reading you will agree, and only took the old blokes just for the joy ride, that will NOT do Sri Lanka any good. Mark my words, a handsome striking tall Lankan (or beautiful and brainy women) and there are many out there could wow Davos, who are always looking for new ideas, and talent in “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution” the theme.

Damn it the 4th Industrial Revolution is the Digital Age, driverless cars, traffic free roads, little car ownership, and more Uber and Car Hire to get about. Less time spent on travel anywhere, lowering the carbon footprint. More time relaxing, and improving the quality of life, as one can perform most activity from a screen and not have to leave family and happy pursuits. This is totally lost on our delegation, who are only thinking of amassing as much money as possible just to get rich, but have no clue on how to enjoy life.

PM, it is only the new generation, born post 1990 who know how to really enjoy life, as they have NO intention of commuting, working regular hours, having regular jobs, who will be multitasking between leisure and work, and make work part of their leisure and enjoyable pursuits, so now you know! 

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  1. Not just the PMs team,even the Business leaders are on their swansong ride, hardly keen on taking on new challenges.

    The only one with a future vision would be Group MD of CBL who is the only flower amongst the thorns!

    This is not the place for an investment forum, unless the choice is 4 th industrial revolution products. We have not got there yet.