Friday, January 29, 2016

This is why the media is NOT credible!

Reading this article in today's Ceylon Today, horrified me, as it is blatantly wrong, and could not possibly be true. If the SLN uses 15% of the total fuel consumed in the Country, tehn if you add what the Army and Air Force consume, you are getting to 30% of all fuel.

When you take the annual fuel consumption into account, then 15% amounts to US$ 500M which is quarter of the whole defence budget. We know the largest component is wages, so on that score too it just cannot be true, as we have to ad the Army and Air Force consumption pattern as well.

All I would say is as per a previous report here, that there is huge wastage by the forces of the funds allocated to them, and as they have nothing better to do they take it upon themselves to spend the money to the fullest in only ways they know how to do!,

Is it a typo, where it should read 1.5% of the fuel. I think even that could be high!

When you dont have a population who cannot understand this the media gets away with murder and people start to use this item to make statements based on this incorrect news, and so the Sri Lanka disease of exaggerate and progress gets further ammunition from this source.

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