Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Annual Report of the WEF is worth a read – its got some great stuff in it

Sri Lanka’s presence at the WEF whilst beefed up in the media as a credit to the PMs new governance plans, is part of meeting its own vision and value, with the hope that the networking opportunities will provide our delegation with some useful contacts but as the delegates are old fashioned they will not be able to comprehend the new world order here, a world without DEALS only deal making to drastically reduce the carbon footprint, whilst at the same time, driving business in a sustainable, renwable, and inclusive world using the latest innovation in technology, to make the price of entry so easy, that it will no longer be the exclusive privilege of a few.

For example cloud computing has allowed the one man genius an entry point to design his product (eg APP ) completely on cloud from his farmhouse in the middle of nowhere in his dirt poor country, and potentially be a billionaire if it takes off, within 5 years. So If you are 17 you could be a dollar billionaire when you are 22!

That is the new world we are now in, and it is this type of person who should be attending WEF not those who still think of it as an old fashioned who’s who. Most billionaires there will not even be recognizable as they don’t have entourages anymore, just sneakers and jeans and a t-shirt with a statement.

Trust Ravi K be seen dead in a t shirt at Davos. RW I can accept! Its sad but true, that our only world renowned visionary is RW and we have not brought or in this case he has not brought his protégé to the WEF with him.

The Annual report link above is a must read for the student who does not know what this WEF is all about, and some insight into the work, and the importance of the event in Davos as well as the theme that is chosen as something that can affect the world debate on improving the quality of life of those in the world.

When we are stuck with finding people within Sri Lanka who really care about the improvement in the quality of life within SL, we must admire the altruistic nature of the event and its stated goals.

Please send a virtual reporter to Davos, who will give us a real experience whilst at his desk in Colombo, as it is too late to put someone on the plane to Davos, so how about it someone take on the challenge and give us a glimpse of what really goes on there from your virtual screen in your home!

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