Monday, January 25, 2016

VIRUSARA – A day of DUKBARA – Time to stop TOM FOOLERY

On an event that concluded about 4 hours ago

They came from far and wide, transported in Army or forces provided buses, some having had to leave places like Kebitigollawa at 2am and others from as close as Battaramulla taking an expensive 3 wheeler to get to Temple Trees by 1pm, when they should have been seated. A light refreshment offered till start time of 3pm.

Thousands, perhaps 5,000 perhaps more, to this Mahinda Rajapakse dansal hall at Temple Trees in hope and expectation. They were NOT told what they would get, but as they were next of kin of dead soldiers in battle, mothers, ill with diabetes or pressure, fathers sick with kidney disease or heart disease, young widows who had to leave their pre-teen kids at home under someone else’s care, fearing for their safety on this journey amongst strangers trying to chat them up, they all braved trying conditions to come for what they believed was, an event they would receive a worthy token of remembrance in memory of their loved one who perished, and about whom they shed a tear every night.

What was the reality, they left at 6pm having sat in those uncomfortable chairs, for 5 hours, EMPTY HANDED. Why did they come they asked themselves. Who were the TOM FOOLS who persuaded them to give up their time for a long journey to Colombo and back? the whole trip taking more than 24hours in some cases, and where are the toilets, when you are old you gotta go and the people responsible for your journey have not thought about that!

How can you be so cruel? The peacocks on display on the front row nere had a care in the world for your suffering, as they had no clue, that you had suffered so much for so little. They must be dreaming in Technicolor, if they think you all came, because you wanted to be present at the event. OH NO, THEY COULD BE SO WRONG in their assumptions.

Only 100 or so received the card, and what is the card for if they were not compensated for their time too. Maybe they get the pension of the dead soldier, and powers feel they jolly well turn up because of that! NO WAY JOSE, that is a facile argument. We are not a Country bent on taking our people for a ride, but then again maybe not! that is the role of the Govt. to fool all of the people all of the time!

Perhaps the PM who was inside Temple Trees did not attend the function, because he was most aware of the waste of time and money, that the forces are currently good at with no war on, and this is a good example of why the forces budget needs to be cut considerably as it is run by idiots thinking all the people are also idiots.
This is a clear example of what is wrong with Sri Lanka. They just don’t think of the people they are supposed to help. This mother from even as close as Battaramulla, waiting for the son who was not killed to pick her up through the chaotic traffic, had some toes removed due to diabetes, so she was in acute distress, and was exhausted and disappointed, feeling she had been completely had! She thought she would get something in recognition of the sacrifice her son made for the Country.

Instead she had to sacrifice a day with a high cost to attend a useless gathering, with nothing to show for it. For all his sins, this is where Mahinda Rajapakse scores, as he would have ensured that they would at least leave well fed, and with drink, and if lucky even with a Rs5000 note, the least for their troubles. I am not saying that is right. I am saying we MUST NOT WASTE the time of our citizens in things that only we get credit for, with much publicity. No reporter using self censorship, will criticize the forces for organizing such a disastrous and uncaring exercise in futility.

This is what this women asked for, to tell the world what kind of crap the jonnies on duty, and in charge are doing for the money the tax payer pays them. They should be sent home, or better sent to work in the paddy fields to pay for their crime.

You can bet your bottom dollar that these 5000 families will go back home and relate this travesty to their kith and kin, and it will create 5,000 more enemies of the Govt. for the incompetence of the Tri Forces, and the relevant authorities tasked with this event. The President should know. The PM already knows what a waste of time these tamashas are, and does not want to add spice to the already hot butter cuttle fish!

All the forces commanders were present so they should all hang together.

At least each family member should have been assigned a duty officer to be their chaperone, to whom all their concerns would be relayed, and who should have been tasked to take care of their every need if they were dragged all this way. That way all needs will be met, and an allowance given to attend. I repeat, the fact they draw a pension is not right that they are dragged to waste their time. The pension is an entitlement that the soldier was promised, to serve his country in the knowledge that his family will be taken care of if God forbid he got himself killed in action.

So where are the apologies, if no one has complained? The people will not complain for fear of losing benefits, or being black balled in future, so they return home in silence, but shout they will to all who wish to hear them, swearing with all the Gods in tow, to destroy the leaders who make such decisions so they will never rise again.

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