Wednesday, January 13, 2016

There are some serious flaws in the PADDY / RICE debate that no one has explained to the PUBLIC – “Media” time for an investigation and explanation.

I am at a loss to understand that the Public are being lead like sheep in this debate.

For starters from the PMB web site, the Govt. purchased 153,000 metric tones of PADDY in the 2014/ 2015 Maha Season. ( Interesting question to ask from PMB and Govt. how much they expect to purchase this Maha, beginning in about one month, when harvests will begin, shall we say 200,000 metric tones!)

As late as December 2015, the Chairman of the PMB said that he is trying to sell 250,000 tones of Paddy in the stores, and is finding it hard to find buyers! Until this is sold, there is NO room to store any purchases from the new season.

Annual Paddy production in 2013 was 4,621,000 tones and 2014 was 3,381,000 tones and imports in 2013 negligible and in 2014 Paddy equiv of 858,000 tones which was 600,000 tones of rice. Import due to crop failure due to drought.

CWE imported 225,000 metric tones of rice in 2014 or 2015 from third parties despite only getting Cabinet approval for 50,000 tones, and much of this is NOW NOT EDIBLE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. So who imported, for how much, and how much was pocketed from the purchase price, and by whom?

IN my investigation, I was unable to get a clear answer to my questions from anyone. I am sure the powers have NO CLUE what should have happened and what actually happened, and how it should affect supply and demand in 2016, as well as what should be purchased, how it should be stored! 

How much stock of edible imported rice is still available to be sold?  Time to Investigate and resolve before the shit hits the fan, when farmers will explode when their paddy is not purchased next month!

WHY WAIT FOR THE PROBLEM? ANTICIPATE AND TAKE APPROPRIATE MEASURES NOW - that has been the fault of Sri Lanka's planning for the past 70 years. Time to change, we can't wait for the Constitution to do so, as that will not be able to tackle such basic requirements!

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