Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Blood Ivory – the Schemers see money up in smoke literally!!

Crushing of 100s of TUSKS today

The subject of today’s main news story has even hit the National Geographic!

Killing of Elephants anywhere in the world is illegal. So when this consignment of  Ivory from about 360 Elephants who had been killed, and sent via Kenya (elephants killed were believed to be in Tanzania) to Colombo, in transit to Dubai or some other destination for sale, was detected in 2012, it caused all sorts of day dreams amongst a lot of crooked people in Sri Lanka. Remember MR was in power so it was fair game to make money out of anybody’s or for that matter animal’s loss!

The MR regime is now proved as the one that has had the worst negative environmental impact of any ruling period in the history of Sri Lanka. Even the devastation of forests by the British to plant coffee was of a lower order during a particular reign.

There was therefore a rush to sell this contraband. (yes - contraband that a nation determined was game enough to be auctioned for private pleasure) It was fortuitous therefore that this did not get into the wrong hands, especially of avaricious priests who head temples, who love to show off such splendor to their slaves who pay homage and absorb every word said, no matter how unfailingly against the philosophy.

Many excuses were made to hold on to this and quietly dispose of this, but fortunately the Govt. changed, and with it the attitude of the authorities, who did not want the Country designated as a pariah state. (something MR wanted for notoriety value)

It is therefore with pleasure that I am able to say, that all of this will be crushed in full public view in Galle Face this morning, and there will be some religious ceremonies to remember the elephants who gave up their lives for this. I understand the final disposal will be done under close scrutiny and the nation will gain the respect of the world to drawing a line in the sand, hopefully as much publicity too, of the fact that it is NOT worth killing anymore elephants, as all who do so wantonly will only have to answer for their bad karma in this life, well before entering the next one! I commend the GOSL (SL Govt.) for this step, and I hope the people will reduce their desire to profit from this trade. 

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