Friday, January 15, 2016

The Embilipitiya Incident is just one too many – its time the Police are subject to psychological evaluation.

However much the SL Police deny that two Police who went to a party (at its concluding moments) and asked for two bottle of arrack, and were denied, which lead to the eventual death of a person, it is fact that liquor was requested.

On this point the Police spokesman who denies that the Police requested arrack in light of just too many witnesses  to the contrary, (subject them to lie detector tests then) he should NOT take the line of “attack is the best form of defense”.

That is the first lie that then makes the next rejection sound like a lie, when it could be true. Namely, that the person who was killed was someone who was NOT pushed to his death from the first floor by another policemen! That is another more important fact that needs proper investigation, without the Police trying to gag the press, and intimidate witnesses to have it their own way.

I while always respecting the law, and would like to give the Police the benefit of the doubt, look a fool trying to defend Police who are so cocksure of their innocence, so as to give all their comments, via the Police media spokesman, a Mickey Mouse believability, make them look like real dummies in their game of cover-up.

At least if they are believable it is one thing, but to be so ridiculous in their denials of some obvious inconsistencies, they appear not to know how to lie properly either. Is that because they have had a century of impunity ingrained into their psyche that they can do no wrong, no matter what the circumstance is?

It is clear that they are A LAW UNTO THEMSELVES and woe be on the person who wants to take on the SL Police Force, as he may as well seek asylum elsewhere, as he will never be able to live in SL in peace, no matter what kind of Police Commission is in place to keep them in check.

I know of senior police officers who complain that with HR FR and all that, that the Police have to be very careful in how they police, as in the end they are always accused of overreaching, when in fact they are the ones who face the Public Anger! Well why do they face Public Anger? Because of Brutality. Only when they stop their brutality can we attempt to gain the public trust. IT IS IMPORTANT to gain this trust, as otherwise there is no point in any Good Governance, if the upholders of the law are the first accused in any crime.

It is up to the Police to realize that they are the cause of poor law enforcement and not the independent protectors of the public. That is the first step before any other. Only after a MEA CULPA can we begin to reform the system.  

who has the courage to take on this entrenched bunch of hooligans called the police? especially as they are unable to realize the level of their embedded hooliganism!   

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