Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Removing Royal College Principal with NO REASON given is a BLACK MARK on the credibility of RCU on its 150th anniversary!

Not a whimper from the normally aggressive in your face OLD boys from RCU on their school’s Principal’s transfer. IF they don’t agree they must be shouting within minutes that it was not cricket! So if they are NOT shouting, then shame on you for keeping quiet. If the OLD Royalists cannot admit to some serious lapses on their part for backing a Principal who has slapped them in the face, then something got to give.

It is time an explanation is given without delay, or at least asked for from the Education department that took this step against the most prestigious school in Sri Lanka, calls into question the ethics of whole school on which the envy of Sri Lanka is built upon.

Where are the usually pontificating, overbearing, and in your face Royalists that make no bones about how well run and how good the school is when the winners are chosen from 10,000 when other schools provide the same number of winners from say. 1,000 students who could more justifiably claim a better performance as they don’t even have the privilege of selecting the best in grade 5 exam to enhance their tendency to perform well at state exams!

Unless there are MEA CULPAS, that accept failings and shortcomings of the people overseeing the Principal, and corrective action taken to ensure such situations are NOT repeated, the status of the school is bound to suffer.

I know the Principal in his own mind will know that such a person, appointed in any other country, in such a position would draw a monthly income of at least Rs500,000 and a decent car and driver, and petrol allowance, it may have been up to the Principal to pay himself the difference and then some using means that are prohibited from his position. In order that this does not re-occur, I re commend that future Royal principal’s are given his additional allowance by the old BOYS UNION, so he does not have to sully the reputation of the school by having to resort to dirty tricks to supplement the entertainment allowance, and clothes allowance, becoming of such an important position.

This goes to the heart of the matter, where some Educationists are hidebound by state rules, and restricted in terms of pay that apart from the prestigious position, is not one where the job can be performed by a competent person. I am not commenting on the competence of the position of the Principal, as he would have risen from the ranks, and not plucked from a lofty position for the role. 

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