Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tourism Industry – need for real understanding of the potential tourist first

This is the fifth in a series of blog entries these few days trying to give the reader an alternative approach to managing and promoting tourism in the 4th Industrial Revolution, as our decision makers are still stuck in the first Industrial Revolution!

The above link from yesterday’s Huffington Post a very popular blog, says it all. Why is it that we must try and brand promote the Country spending billions, when in this day and age a good product promotes itself, with the best promoter being the SATISFIED TOURIST who will go back to his home Country and sing the praises that will bring 5 more, its that simple. Promotion is done because the product is poor and needs a fillip. In Sri Lanka’s case of course it is to line the pockets of some so called ‘big whig’ who lobbies to get the account for some foreign agency, with promises of unlimited international travel.

So let me recap what I have tried to illustrate in the previous blog postings.

In 2016 the costs of entry into being a tourist supplier is minimal, thanks to the Internet. This is a threat to the established travel and hotel brands, who are trying to use the National Tourism budget to muscle in to use their clout to influence TOP decision making. That is plain wrong, and it time these traitors from the Minister down are just blown out away!

Take the Rs 10B budget and divide into 10 and spend it locally in 10 identifiable zones that have potential, but need a makeover. That is to primarily assist the small hotel restaurant owner, and tour guide and infrastructure providers to GIVE WHAT THE TOURIST WANTS it is that simple.

Some possibilities of zones that can be developed by educating the small business owner, and providing public toilets for starters are: Kalpitiya Area, Pinnawela, Arugam Bay, Ella, Kuchcheveli, Mannar, Tangalle, Habarana, Jaffna Islands, and Wellawaya/Buttala. Now has anyone even thought of that mix?

Once that is done, a good product will bring repeat business 10 times over, and the same tourist will come more often, and spend more time and money, having had the best experience in their lives.

Don’t forget we don’t need to travel anymore, as we can see the world from the Internet. We therefore travel NOT to see the world, but to enjoy our quality of life. After all there are traffic jams in their home country, so they don’t come to SL to be stuck in traffic. Some have a Rolls Royce in their garage, and come here to go in a Tuk Tuk!! Something our bloated faces of pompous arrogance don’t understand.

My advice is free, but it will create at least 5,000 millionaires in Sri Lanka. The greedy top brass don't want that to happen, they want more for themselves and thereby destroy the whole tourism Sri Lanka product.