Sunday, October 18, 2015

Why are we waiting until the traffic literally cannot move! Time to take steps now

The recent introduction and removal of a new traffic arrangement for vehicles coming into Colombo during rush hours was done to check if it would improve the situation and when found on balance to be negative was promptly removed.

These are all haphazard steps not properly part of a well thought out of strategy to alleviate the situation, as the Police DO NOT have the proper training in how to handle this sort of situation as they are incapable of knowing who they should seek advice from in such situations to get a more scientific basis for their actions to alleviate the suffering of the motorists on the road.

It is no secret that most of the populous cities have severe traffic problems, and the real answer is to get more people out of private vehicles and onto faster modes of public transport. Where did I read the other day a quote which said, “A developing Country thinks they have made it when the middle class can buy a small car, but a developed Country has made it only when the rich go by public transport” This Sinhala Blog post is worth a read to get a perspective.

It is worth heeding the warning of Professor Kumarage see link and taking action now before it is too late as it will affect EVERY area of development extremely negatively.

Now that there is a policy to develop a Magapolis, the WP or Western Province which will comprise the Megapolis should have a different plan where transport takes pride of place, if this area is to grow into the engine of the Country. After all this area will account for at least 50% of the GDP of the Country.

The incompetence and lack of urgency amongst politicians is at the root of the problem. We have elected people who are incapable of making crucial decisions on our behalf. Do we have to agitate for basic rights for everything in Sri Lanka because we are cursed by the bottom fishers who are at the top of the food chain in Sri Lanka, namely uneducated Politicians who do not have the interests of the Country at heart? Only if one tenth of the time and effort of building highways was spent on public transport solutions, we would already have been much better placed to solve some of our exceedingly urgent social problems. The most productive of our society spend far too much time commuting to work, it is costing the Economy billions!  

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