Thursday, October 15, 2015

Before criticizing Guantanamo, how about your own 300 in prison for 6 years without going to trial!

Yes I agree, Guantanamo is wrong, and it should never have happened, but before I wage war with some far off Country, I must clean up my own dirty linen back home.

Sri Lanka had over 10,000 LTTE prisoners taken in after the hostilities ceased. I believe over 500 were child soldiers who hopefully received the proper treatment, to absorb them back into society with minimum trauma, as most would have been initially recruited against their will, but who could have been turned into cold blooded killing machines with a little bit of brainwashing, as we have seen lately with the baby killers of ISIS.

Now 6 years since the fall of the LTTE, there are still a number of people, someone’s sons or daughters still in jail, NOT released, nor yet charged with any crime, except of merely being a surrendee who fought for the LTTE.

It is important that we treat people who are our citizens better than this. There MUST be an explanation as to why they are in prison. There must be a proper evaluation of each case by impartial arbiters, who can then make the appropriate recommendation to the President on the action to be taken on them and why.

Why is it that we take people in on suspicion of terrorism and if we don’t have proof , are unwilling to acknowledge our error and let them free, instead we just lock them up and throw away the keys.

We are being as barbaric as those who we accuse of barbarism. We should NOT look at a Country like the US for the standard, we must look only at our conscience and do what is right, NOT follow what anyone else tells you what we should do.

This is NOT just a race thing, as the same thing was done to suspected JVPers, so we have a history of barbarity, in the interests of ostensibly saving our people from the potential crimes of them, when we have so many state protected murderers roaming the Country scot-free, as they have political patronage or state protection.

A just society is one where we will only do unto others what we would have done to us!    

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