Friday, October 23, 2015

Not another Neanderthal Cabinet Minister please!

The Country is being taken for an almighty ride. We the voters are the suckers, when every norm of civilized behavior is being flouted, and once you get away with numbers, then what is the difference in another?

Why does a senile old man who should be spending his time in retirement be brought in as a Cabinet Minister? He may have been good once, but do an IQ test now and ask him to give the Youth a chance.

I would really NOT have minded, if a 25 year old brilliant Sri Lankan, unknown was made the Cabinet Minister for special projects, and not an old geyser. It will then empower the Youth who have been completely ignored, some voice of hope.

WE DO NOT HAVE ANY VISIONARY YOUTH LEADERS WITH BRAINS – It is time we identified an apolitical person and brought him/her into center stage to give some direction for the future.

I am sure if Sarath Amunugama was of leadership quality, he would heed my advice and resign his seat in Parliament on condition, a 25 year old promising Sri Lankan visionary with leadership qualities, currently with NO political allegiances be appointed as an MP and elevated to Cabinet Position with a brief of a special project to write the 2055 blue print for Sri Lanka. I can help him on that as I have already commenced writing that visionary document of what I would like Sri Lanka to become by that stage, and for that we need to set the stage now in 2015, as we have ONLY 40 more years to go to that date.

The imbeciles and Neanderthals who govern this country do not have a vision, and it is at that issue that we fail so poorly. VISION is what we need. Visionaries are those we need to provide this vision, and tell me if there is anyone who fits that bill, with sufficient talent to lay the foundation for a Country and Economy to achieve that vision.

Special Projects is like a Minister without portfolio, just the type of person who can provide his own version of the portfolio, but we fill it with someone who is no longer able to provide that, just like the PM appointed Mr Paskeralingam in his 80s as a significant adviser to the Prime Minister. It is NOT how it was done in the past that we need to know. It is how we MUST perform in the future. To that extent let us hope our leaders, make a U turn to a new beginning please! 

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  1. Good point. The youth have given up on a future in Sri Lanka and the Politicians MUST share the blame. This is an immediate step to uplift their sagging spirits so that one of their own represents their interests and they finally have a voice in the truly geriatric cabinet.