Friday, October 16, 2015

How can the Customs vacuum out its corrupt officers permanently?

The evidence of 3 Customs Officers being caught red handed taking a bribe of Rs125M is supposedly the highest bribe caught by the Bribery Commission. No doubt there was information (insider) of its imminent occurrence by the BRIBE GIVER, and hope it is the first of many incidents where the Bribe givers now get together to catch the Bribe takers, so that we eliminate the Bribe takers, who know that no one will now protect them, unlike in the past MR Government where whenever there was a possibility the loot was shared with the Govt. politico to ensure protection.

Bribe taking can and MUST be stopped, and in this war, it is the Bribe Giver who MUST now turn state’s evidence as he should be on notice that he will also be prosecuted if caught giving bribes, and he has NO politician to protect him. In this instance there is some doubt, as Ravi Karunanayake is the Finance Minister and who has the Inland Revenue and Customs Departments directly under him, and would have had some part to play in this saga.

I know some of you mischievous readers will think that as he was not sharing in the Bribe he wanted the culprits caught red-handed, so next time he will be in on every deal. However the Govt. of which he is part is ahead of him on this, waiting to catch him on the act. Then make an example of him if he tries it once to many. I believe RK is aware of this and it would be fool hardy for him to dare and take a chance! There are many more Government ministers who are acting without impunity who will eventually be caught and held accountable for their crimes, so that people will be able to cite that no special cases were made as far as crimes are concerned.

In order to ensure that incorruptible officers at Customs, of which there are many feel they can do their job, without being pressurized by the corrupt, it is best to continue on this vein to weed out the bad eggs once and for all and clean up the Customs department. We know that the Customs Revenue had grown by Billions owing to this reduction of corruption, and we hope to finally see the back of corruption so that honest companies can compete fairly in business, not having to compete with people who have obtained their materials or consumable goods, at lower prices due to corruption. It is essential for business confidence in Sri Lanka that the playing field reverts to being level, something that during the previous MR administration was NOT possible due to the high level of corruption. I am so glad to see some gradual progress being made on the Election Promises of reducing the level of corruption. “Let it continue.”

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