Friday, October 23, 2015

What is with this Weerawansa? Does not even have a valid diplomatic passport!

We were first informed earlier today, that the CID had detained Wimal Weerawansa MP at Katunayake Airport, as he had an invalid passport. Usually MPs have diplomatic passports, and use that when they go overseas, so I presume he too had one. If he was going to Europe he would have got a Shengen Visa, and it is unlikely that the Country that issued him with that, would NOT have checked the validity of the passport, unless he is using a VISA

The various news articles seem to be reporting contradictory statements. One story was that the passport he had brought had been cancelled, as he had reported it lost, and a new one had been issued instead.

Then another story says, that he returned with the newly issued passport and the Prime Minister had intervened and gave authorization for him to proceed overseas.

Then the third news item was that he had been arrested for an issue with his passport and will face a hearing at the Negombo Magistrates Court in relation to it. Don’t MPs have some privileges that mere mortals like us don’t? 

There MUST be a valid reason, that even after the Prime Minster intervened on his behalf to let him leave that there were more reasons to detain him! This goes to the character of the person who so many Colombians were foolish enough to give him a preference vote. Goes to show the type of imbecile who will vote for such jailbirds still inhabit even the GREAT MAGAPOLIS – so what hope for our Megapolis?

I know the average man on the street was asking why it is that Weerawansa’s wife has not been incarcerated for having multiple passports, especially as it is now proved that they have been issued with different birth dates and therefore referring to two different people. She not being an MP has fewer rights than even her husband.

So what gives? These are powerful people of the Rajapakse administration who we were willing to entrust the future of our country to and they now turn out to be no more than common criminals with criminality written all over their persona in everything they do and say.

It is very important that, the Media investigate the matter fully, and inform the doubting public on these conflicting accounts of truth and fiction!!!

Finally we are told he has been bailed out by the Negombo Magistrate, but not if his passport has been impounded and is not permitted to travel! So is that for the next installment of news? Is Werawansa paying to get all this news, and so get all the limelight! As he appears to believe that this notoriety is good for his political career and we Lankans are seduced into this zone of thinking.

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