Saturday, October 17, 2015

Let us force our Government Servants to retrain if they want to keep their jobs

Sri Lanka is a full employment Country, where there are NO takers for the 250,000 vacancies. That is either because the pay is too low, or that it is in the wrong place, and people are unwilling to move to take them. In the same vein all these can filled by people in India if we open those to them, as they are willing to work for less, as their living conditions are worse, and broadly they are willing to work that much harder. In short due to the basic needs already available, and only 2% having to pay rent, or a mortgage, (housing being the single highest household monthly expense) they are willing to sit it out until it worth their while to work.

Similarly we know that of the 1.6M Government Servants about 500,000 can be easily discharged, without affecting their service, and in fact could improve service, as many people in Govt. service, lengthen any task to justify their existence and accordingly inconvenience the public to whom they are bound to serve. Remember they are Government SERVANTS not Govt. rulers of the people.

I have identified many areas where jobs must be created to save the Country, and its people from themselves, If we can train people to do those jobs, the whole Country will be the better, and for starters and for debate, I will mention a few, and I am sure the readers could add 100 times to this, with very good suggestions for improvement.

The Government MUST take cognizance of this fact and act on these suggestions. We have 400,000 in the forces costing over Rs350B dong basically nothing, occupying other people’s lands making a nuisance of themselves, adding to the misery of the citizens in the guise of protecting the people! In this day and age of unmanned remote controlled drones, there is no need for occupying armies in camps, and wars are won or lost on technology.

I bet you our defence forces HAVE NO CLUE how to counter a drone sent with pin point accuracy on its target, and the drone could be operated OFFSHORE! So what is the point of a bloody useless army of pompous generals playing the wrong WAR GAMES OUT OF IGNORANCE of the real threat!

So for starters they can protect the 250,000 archeological sites in Sri Lanka that are currently open to the elements and treasure hunting, and very soon there will be nothing left to protect. Just yesterday, there was a case of an ancient Dagoba site being completely flattened to make way for paddy fields. I recently went to a huge ancient Dagoba in Neelagiri, in the middle of the jungles where some religious artifacts have been found and the now famous Neelagiri relics are on display.
Similarly, we require Counsellors to show our youth the way forward, in terms of job search and etiquette, and possible 25,000 there. Then we need school psychologists, for students and teachers, as the mental health problems in our society is the time bomb that has not even been addressed due to the mentally deviant MPs who appear to flood our parliament. There are a minimum of 50,000 vacancies there. Then we need teacher trainers to teach our teachers how to teach and that is about 25,000 there. We will need about 100,000 nurses to be trained, in an aging population, and as 50,000 are likely to find employment overseas, we will have the residue to administer to the sick and elderly.

We can use mature Govt. servants to man community centers that are created from the expected 5000 or so schools that are expected to close in mainly the rural and non-Western Province areas, so the aging populations living in villages will NOT be neglected, and can have a fruitful productive life in their own homes, something that is seriously lacking at present.

People can be retrained to take up existing skilled vacancies in the private sector that provide both fulfillment and job satisfaction.

These proposal and practices if implemented, will both make the Govt. service more efficient, whilst keeping people in employment and most of all do work that is productive and for the benefit of the overall quality of life of the people who live in Sri Lanka, something that is the ultimate goal of a civilized country.

I want our citizens to just think of the utter waste in our society, and what we could do to reduce this human waste of people marking time, taking a pay check for doing nothing. It disheartens people like us who work all hours that God gives, to make this Country a better place and who tries to find some time to blog his thoughts on what to do to improve the livelihood of the people who live in this most precious and beautiful Country.

We can rejuvenate villagers once the community centers are active. It will have livelihood development schemes that help the community, and find productive avenues for the people to use their time and talents, currently completely wasted.

The single biggest road block as I see it is the elected representatives who rule over us and make decisions. They are society’s lowest common denominator, meaning anyone else can do better. We must try and elect people with a vision, who have ideas ahead of their time, like the Prime Minister, but who is completely frustrated by the goons he has who work under him who are dunces of the first order.

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