Monday, October 19, 2015

Come on Sri Lankan Youth – fight for justice especially for your future

It is pathetic to see our Youth being used by the IUSF in their very puerile and totally impractical demonstrations, because they are simply unable to understand what it is they want in life, and do what is necessary to achieve their desires. Instead they are lead like lambs to slaughter, unable to think for themselves and evaluate.

With social media it has never been easier, but they just seem to have missed the plot. Young people the world over are fighting for their lives, and their countries. The Arab revolution has been youth generated. Now we see Palestinian Youth taking their lives into their own hands and fighting for injustice in their own personal way, risking certain death, by merely carrying a knife to stab an Israeli, any Israeli to atone for 50 years of suppression. Once this becomes self-fulfilling there will be nothing Israel can do. Eventually it will be them who achieve what no one has been able to do so far. Giving up their lives is the only way to ensure a future free of suppression.

Some male youth on social media were intelligent enough to realize that there was something radically wrong with the Rajapakse Administration, acting like greedy thieves, and so kicked them out of office, using the ballot box, but the numbers do not provide comfort as the overwhelming majority of female youth voted for Rajapakse, being completely and utterly fooled by their rhetoric and brainwashing, which they could not see through.

So what gives? Simply put, the Education system of Sri Lanka. It has taken out any imagination any young person may have in Sri Lanka. This works to the advantage of Governments as they can easily tame youth, and not worry about any radical change for the better. There is therefore NO incentive for controlling Governments to empower our youth to wean themselves from dependency.

Frankly this bottle feeding of youth is going to create a docile manipulable young person, being easily fooled into submission. If they continue to be in this trance they will never be able to fight for justice, SOCIAL JUSTICE for themselves and their future, to share in the spoils of Sri Lanka which now seem to allude them big time, purely due to their ignorance of their rights, and how to achieve them.

If I were to rate Sri Lankan Youth I would not hesitate to put them in the bottom of the international league table, as far as social responsibility is concerned. They still continue to desecrate the environment, something most youth in other countries have already ceased to do. So it is time to make them aware of their responsibilities on this earth, but most especially towards their country if they have any expectation to continue to live there in future. Apathy is now past, Expectation is the future. 

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