Thursday, October 15, 2015

Before regulating International Schools – Sort out Govt. Schools first!

The usual habit of putting the cart before the horse, continues! The developmentally challenged Minister of Education has decided to regulate International Schools. Why?

Parents pay money to send their children to International Schools. If they have any brains, they will perform the requisite investigations on their own, to ensure the school they send their child to gives them what they want, this is a choice NOT available to Parents who send their children to Govt. schools as most schools are NOT the first choice of the parent anyway due to severe quality issues relating to their level of basic competence. 

So it is a bit rich, and bombastic of the Education Minister to make this statement! Click on link

While it is obviously acceptable for the state to give some sort of mark or grade for ALL schools in the land, it is imperative that the State Schools are first held to account to minimum standards before private schools are. We don’t have a choice on State Schools, whilst we DO have a choice on International Schools. So the first and most important priority of the State that maintains it is going to spend 6% of the National Income on Education, to first get their basics right.

Today, state schools have TEACHER VACANCIES unfilled for years! This is denying a person’s fundamental rights to a basic education. Most schools are woefully short of English Teachers, the only sure way for even a person without O levels to get a job in Sri Lanka easily is FLUENCY IN ENGLISH, no matter what any hypocritic nationalist would say.

This is what happens when a Government appoints a retard as the Minister of Education, without testing if he really knows his subject despite being the Education Czar even while in opposition, who did not really spend any time studying what it is the Country needed, and instead wasted his time trying to become an Attorney at Law so he could say he is one! For what reason I know not.

This is an example and the problem persists across the board in all Ministries with retards we have elected and therefore have given the task to make decisions on our behalf.

Prime Minister, please ask your ministers to give you a list of 10 tasks each in order of priority and approximate resource required. You then ask the public for comment so that you amend after proper public dissemination, and act on them.

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  1. A good analysis of the link throws out so many anomalies of the State Education system. The Govt has 250,000 teachers who have minimum qualifications for the job but cannot teach. 200,000 just go through the motions for a monthly pay check not because they love teaching or are any good at it.

    I would rather be taught by a good teacher with NO qualifications, than a bad teacher with a raft of qualifications, wouldn't you?,

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating, in turning out well rounded individuals who can hold their own in society and prosper in their chosen field. 99% of Govt school leavers have NOT CLUE what they even want to do after leaving school. Call that Education Mr Minister! Time you got an Education first before educating others in nonsense.