Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Time to wean Sri Lanka from its Rulers no Servants!

It is the Sri Lankan disease that we have had the misfortune of being enslaved by people who purport to serve us, but who have instead ruled us, and since at least Independence, from which point we have been the masters of our destiny, destroyed this country, no matter what way you look at it.

The Time is ripe to change this phenomenon, that has clearly NOT WORKED, and with the maturity and lessons we have learned through heavy loss of life during this period, where forces took on the brutal Governments of the past and lost, we must resolve ourselves not to look on Government as some alien creature, but the result of our own folly, where we appoint, in the pretext of electing individuals, who you would never trust your infant child with for all the tea in China!

Fellow Countrymen, we will continue to elect people, who you will never trust with your own possessions, so in order not to be disappointed with having to permit them to hold sway, let us strengthen the institutions, namely the Presidential Commissions hopefully devoid of elected people, so that those unfortunate enough to be elected due to winning a beauty contest, and good enough only for that contest don’t have power over how people are ruled.

For example let a Public Service Commission determine how public servants pay, promotions and recruitment are managed. NO POLITICIAN should have any say in how someone gets a job in the public service.

GET IT!! If we succeed in strengthening these institutions, then the elected people merely change some of the subtle points of our lives, and NOT the whole fabric of our lives. In most Countries things don’t change drastically no matter who is in Government, and the less they can influence us, the better, so we can get on with our daily productive lives, with the State being the sole source of a barrier.

Let us only allow them to determine matters of policy in line with some of their manifestos, but the daily functioning of society must be left to local elected officials and strong institutions to ensure, stability, continuity, safety of the citizen and if a new constitution that enshrines legal safeguards for vulnerable sections of society, then it will further strengthen the rights of citizens, that elected Governments cannot change willy nilly. It is important that we continue to pressure our Government to put in place the checks and balances they promised, and NOT allow them to conveniently forget the conditions on which they were elected, and once these cast iron safeguards are in place we will be able to breathe easy, knowing personal grudges, and pettiness cannot destroy.       

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