Sunday, October 18, 2015

Journalists in Sri Lanka are "Prostitutes"

The people are the pimps and the Govt. is the customer. 

It is a sad state of affairs indeed, when Journalists print what is being told them without a question being asked about whether it can indeed be true, or if they have been had!

Take the example I referred to earlier, (yesterday) that a 400% increase to the Education Budget was reported. When one spends 45Billion a year, how can one increase it to 180Billion in the next year? JUST not possible right! Not to a journalist it ain’t.

The latest is the Bribe of Rs125M paid to three customs officers from the Govt. own money borrowed by the Bribery Commission to do the STING. Has no one watched the movie STING?

What is the catch? Are they trying to frame an innocent officer in Custom? Because the rest are corrupt? Can entrapment hold its own in court? We need explanations for these.

Surely if an importer of parts for the Sri Lanka Transport Board, was asked to pay a bribe of this nature, then he is obviously trying to reduce the duty from between 500M to 1Billion rupees. What kind of idiot is that? If he is so big, he must have been importing for years, and know the duty structure inside out. Why does he even have to meet Customs officers on this matter? It should be automatic, what his duty should be and that is recorded on the documents under the code for the items imported. There should be NO surprises here.

Will this be followed up in the future? Or conveniently forgotten once the Customs officers are let off, with a bribe! We will NOT know the end of this story, as all it seems to the outside is that the Bribery Commission got a much needed publicity boost in the media, to show they have done something, so the Government can keep the restless people at bay, when they accuse of NO ACTION AGAINST CORRUPTION.

Now today, it is reported that Dubai has refused to freeze the billions in SL account holders’ funds. What is the catch there?  That is not explained. Is it really illegal money or legitimate money? After all the US Govt. is the adviser of the SL Govt. on the where the money came from or where it went to, as they have all records of the world transactions exceeding US$10,000

Time for explanation, not reporting misleading information to absolve the Government from its duty to its citizens in cleaning up the Horse Trailer of shit. 

Time for some self examination on Journalist's Ethics. If it misleads the reader, then it is not just bad journalism, it is treachery no more no less! What is the sentence for that?  

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