Friday, October 9, 2015

If ever one wants to clear up the past and get on with the future!

HLD Mahindapala in his latest diatribe, clearly and eloquently gives the reason why WE MUST clear the Resolution and get on with establishing a future for ALL SRI LANKANS – I would prefer to emphasize (really only) for those who would choose to live in Sri Lanka, including those who have left the shores for temporary work, to enrich their lives for a stable and prosperous future within Sri Lanka.

Rejecting the Resolution would take us back to another 10 years of Rajapakse Jingoism, keeping the Country in the dark for another lifetime, as it suits their ability to use race, and hatred for political survival of an electorate easily swayed by irrational barnstorming of traitors, so they can enrich themselves at the expense of the people.

The Prime Minister is a pragmatist, far ahead of his time, having to deal with low life, to convince them that what he is doing is for a better Sri Lanka for all, and not just for some shriveled up journo to survive a few more years until he is taken away screaming to hell!  

Whether the PM succeeds depends on whether influential people throw out their selfish skulduggary and work on behalf of the people of Sri Lanka and their future.

I do not argue with his historical facts as that is just a couple of pages out of a history book, (what he conveniently forgets, and must also be included is the whole JVP period, which is also relevant )

However, though we live in the present, with the need to go ahead, he continues to live with his selective amnesia, as he should include in his kitchen sink, the whole saga of 100,000 unlawful killings of educated Sinhala Youth by the Security Forces, most having NO JVP affiliation, but killed due to local village finger pointing of people, others had a personal grudge against. With about 5000 murderers still in the land of the living, NOT prosecuted for their crimes, it is a bit rich for him to pick on the murderous Indians, and Americans for being two faced as WE ARE ALL TWO FACED!

It is time for Statesmen to Emerge to explain to the doubting Thomases of Sri Lanka, that what we need is not a list of every murderer, mea culpa, sentenced and forgiven, but a blanket acceptance of past mistakes and a commitment NEVER to repeat the sins of the past, no matter what any other Country chooses to do, so that we and ONLY WE IN SRI LANKA live in peace and prosperity and don’t care a rats ass what happens to India, or America or China or even Russia, and even the Arab World and Israel, as we will only be left on Earth!  

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