Tuesday, October 20, 2015

AVANT GARDE – The whole saga has been misunderstood from the start!

It is quite apparent from the beginning that NO ONE in Government really understood this transaction and business, and therefore have made decisions against the best interests of the Country in terms of loss of Foreign Exchange.

In this saga, it was simply up to Avant Garde in the guise of its Chairman, who spent Rs50M to take out double page spreads in the Middle Section of Weekly Newspapers to portray him as a modern day Robin Hood, and the gullible populace swallowed it hook line and sinker. The BRAIN DEAD POLITICIANS who run this Country, on the other hand made spiteful decisions (typical of a Sinhala mentality) to try and bring this business down, and possibly try to take pieces for themselves, but as this business was misunderstood, could not replicate it either.

It is a very simple business that any idiot can do, but it just needs a little bit of planning and execution with precision to impress on its customers that it has state patronage, and is free from leering eyes. This Ghotabhaya Rajapakse gave.

This is a job that Rakna Lanka a fully state owned Company could easily have done, however as that is subject to interference from ignorant Ministers, it was felt that it was too risky for its long term success and so Rakna Lanka just supplied some of the personnel and arms and were in turn reimbursed a fraction of what Avant Garde charged its customers, the Security Operations who gave protection from Pirates to the International Shipping Lines. 

The success of these Security Companies is evidenced by the fact that there have been NO pirate attacks in the past 4 years. However the Shipping Companies are charged an arm and a leg for this protection, and dare not reduce this for fear of a recurrence, and the fear that these self same companies have put the Shipping Companies on. In short it is a greatest protection racket in world history, paid for BY YOU AND ME through the product costs that eventually reflect this charge that the shippers have passed on to freight rates.

YESS THE GREATEST PROTECTION RACKET IN HISTORY OF THE WORLD – So far has cost Shipping lines in excess of US$4Billion. Avant Garde has benefitted to the tune of about US$ 300M before paying Rackna Lanka a measly US$10M for a bulk of the services. TO put in context, when a Rackna Lanka Sea Marshal on hazardous duty earns US$ 700 a month, his services are charged at US$ 20,000 a month to the Shipper, and Avant Garde are paid US$ 7,000 a month of which US$6,000 is paid direct into an offshore account of the Chairman of Avant Garde and the Balance US$1,000 is shown in the books of AG which show the funds coming in, that is the FOREX!!!

I hope it is clear to the reader how this scam works. There is SO MUCH MONEY. So what the potential competitor does is tell the Security Company instead of charging US$7,000 they will do for US$5,000 or less and take business away from AG and AG used Ghotabaya to prevent competition by giving it a monopoly status in Sri Lanka.

IF NOT FOR IDIOTS WHO RUN THIS GOVERNMENT, Rakna Could have charged the full US$7,000 per sea marshall and brought ALL THIS FOREX into Sri Lanka, and the Govt. could have used this money to improve the quality of life of its people.

SO WHO ARE THE TRAITORS? They are not just the Chairman of AG who wants to make money as the motivation for his risk and effort, it is the BRAIN DEAD Elected officials that the people have put in Parliament, who are so moronic that they think they can make some money from a business they have helped to KILL.

They have killed the GOOSE THAT LAID THE GOLDEN EGG, and deprived the State of about US$500M a year in income.

All the Security Companies also are OFFSHORE as they are also avoiding paying taxes, and the former soldiers and seamen who are operating them don’t pay taxes in the Countries they are citizens of. So keeping money offshore is part of the game and paying people off for silence is also part of the game.

No wonder then that the traitors of previous Governments and traitors of the present Government have been paid off so handsomely for their silence. No wonder too that there are dummies trying to muscle in on this and edge out AG.

It is against this backdrop that the reader should understand what is going on, and what has happened in the last year, in as much as spite and envy and greed have all come together to kill a promising venture. Sri Lanka being uniquely positioned in the Indian Ocean could have neatly run this business, and now the Navy who is still seething from rivalry, that former Navy Commanders are in the payroll (earning multiples what they earned as Navy Commanders) of AG that the current top brass want to destroy and have so taken the ship that was providing the auxillliary service in the Red Sea (with full knowledge of the DEFENCE ESTABLISHMENT) into custody, thereby destroying any further chance of this business reestablishing itself.



  1. and dare not reduce this for fear of a recurrence, and the fear that these

    Insurance Companies require Armed marshal's on ships going thru Red Sea and Gulf of Aden

  2. The above comment is actually legitimizing this great confidence trick, because it is these self same security companies that have persuaded the insurance companies on the need to have armed marshalls.

    In fact they pay the potential pirate thugs of Somalia not to take to the waters but continue to make threatening noises, to keep up this sham.

    It is estimated that the Pirates get US$500M a year for this, so there is a lot of money being shared from this gravy train, that you and I are unwittingly paying for.

    If only doing business was so easy! Let us all take a portion of the seas and threaten shipping.

  3. http://www.lankabusinessonline.com/avant-garde-issues-statement-on-its-red-sea-floating-armory/