Thursday, October 8, 2015

University of the Visual and Performing Arts – Students its time you prioritize.

I was sad to see the students of the creative arts, using their creative prowess to demonstrate against the UGC to meet their pathetic demands, when they should have expended their creative energies ensuring they get the best education money can buy so that their future is assured.

With the IUSF (JVP back students) having control of this facility, all creativity amongst a select group of very talented students is bound to give way to prejudice and anti establishment myths that do not have any basis in reality.

I meet many students and graduates of this University and have expended a lot of energy to try and find them employment. The problem is their warped sense of self worth as drilled into them by the JVP make their attitude in the competitive but highly exciting world for them, a black mark in employment.

Students who are highly talented can earn Rs 100,000 of thousands a month in creative advertising roles, but their creative skills are suppressed during their period of study. The best some can hope for is some teaching post in a school close to their homes, teaching other kids, and gradually leading to a life of despair and nothingness.

In this group are fantastic singers whose talents can be exploited for material and creative gain, there are superb artists, dancers, creative graphic designers, in fact quite a bunch of creativity. I know they can design sets for plays and dance as well as design costumes with original thought. In theory the sky is the limit.

So if any of you are reading this or know someone in the University, pass it on. They are the privileged in this Country, who study near the Nelum Pokuna, but who don’t seem to appreciate the beautiful surroundings of their campus in the heart of Colombo. Make the most of the opportunity awarded to you. Many are from remote parts of the Country, who should relish this environment, NOT be brought up to be envious of the people who live around, where their wealth is no bearing on their sense of satisfaction that creativity can bring to one’s life.

Look at the advantages you have and not the minor altercations with authority and a few prima donna lecturers who are trying to put PART! In the days we were growing up, we did not have such a University, so you are particularly fortunate that we have a facility to grow the visual and performing arts, to add to the thriving Sinhala Arts scene in drama and dance in the fringe which you can publicize ad take to the hinterland.   

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