Thursday, October 15, 2015

Restorative Justice, Retributive Justice – means a hill of beans if you have lost a loved one, and NO ONE is held accountable!

I simply cannot understand why we continue to live a lie, and not understand the basics of human nature, feelings and what is right and wrong. We use big words to justify our animalistic behavior towards other human beings, and just because some human beings terrorized us, we appear to group a particular segment of people as terrorist or terrorist sympathizers and continue to justify our inhumanity. The article below is an excellent analysis of the issue.

It is high time we call a spade a spade, acknowledge that the State is all powerful, but also has responsibilities towards its citizens who have been wronged, ensure that those who have suffered know who their tormentors are and the state holds them accountable in some way, but gives a pardon to prevent a witch-hunt, for another party’s agenda.    

The Maxwell Paranagama commission report is still not published, and as I understand it, the commission is continuing to do its work, despite the ill advised statement of the UN Human Rights Commissioner, saying it was incorrectly constituted, and unable to prepare a unbiased report. There are things the State must fight against, and this attitude of the HR Commissioner is fair game, so that we stand by what is right and just. If we can do this, then we are seen to be reasonable, and take a reasonable stance, where we see undue pressure on the UN HR Commissioner by interested parties, furthering their own agenda, without acknowledging a country’s attempt to do something as impartial, as the Paranagama Commission was, where there is little criticism even amongst the opposition for its methodology and intensity of work. This when compared with the LLRC which was a state sponsored SHAM.

This bull shit of compassion of Buddhism Principle that the PM is saying will be followed, so that no acting or retired service member is held to account, IS NOT the way forward. We cannot use the oft used reason that the LTTE were the worst HR violators, as that would then compare the state with terrorists, the last thing an elected Govt. would want to be compared with. We must rise above this stupid HD Mahindapala-isms and be true Sri Lankans in the spirit of justice for all.

There are still thousands of murderers of youth during the insurgency, still at large, who will never be held accountable, so this is NOT a pro LTTE piece but merely an honest way to deal with the problem, only being answerable to Sri Lankan citizens and NO ONE ELSE.    

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