Friday, October 16, 2015

A bunch of donkeys being hauled to help the Country! God help Sri Lanka!

I was appalled when I saw an article (see below) when the President asked the University Lecturers to serve their Country! 

I wonder if the readers see the Irony of that request. It is the Universities in general (there are always exceptions to the rule) which produce unemployable graduates from the promising Raw Material that enter them.

I know this from the fact of interviewing University Graduates in their hundreds and finding them woefully short of what I would call brains. I directly challenge the University Lecturers, who I blame for turning promising and creative students into those who just get grades by sucking up their lecturers and agreeing with what they do.

The State University System is a mess. The IUSF have suppressed creativity and ambition amongst the Students and the Academic Promotion system, has prevented truly gifted lecturers from being promoted to Professorships in their 20s, who leave and get their early Professorships at prestigious international Universities. Broadly (exceptions are there) you are left with dimwits teaching students, who moonlight at Private Universities to earn their bread and butter, and DO NOT give the due care and attention their students at the State Unis, need as they don’t feel it is worth the salary the State pays them.

I challenge any State University Don on this allegation. The President does not need to ask them for help. The truly dynamic visionaries would already have sent the President the proposals in their respective fields of interest of how to improve that particular area. So if babies need to be asked, then their two cents is really not worth the paper they are written on!

Free EDUCATION is NOT providing the graduates the Country needs, and reasons must first be evaluated, and CORRECTED. This before we go any further with asking Dons to help with the development of the Country. The University system is SO IN NEED OF CHANGE FOR THE BETTER it is NOT FUNNY! We are so far behind the rest of the world in our quality unless we do something drastic to improve this quality, there is no hope in the big wide world for the products of these Universities, and if they want a good education will have to look at the Private Sector that is rapidly growing to fill the void created by a completely wasteful and useless State University Education system. Lets us prioritize and get the basics right.    

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