Sunday, October 18, 2015

It is obvious our Educators don’t know what Education really is

It is time to draw a line on the sand and inform our leaders that they don’t know what they are talking about, and worse, they are deliberately misleading the public. The 6% of GDP on Education figure is banded about like the panacea for all ills, and the people are swallowing it hook line and sinker!

There is NO way Sri Lanka with all its other priorities will ever get to the 6% in the next 50 years NOR do we want to. Education is NOT a figure. It is simply about quality.  If you even spend 10% that will NOT ensure an educated nation!

So let us throw out this misleading figure, and instead prioritize and get on with the work at hand, as there is no practical way to absorb more than a 25% increase year on year, and let us at least be sensible, in how we do that.

Read this excellent article in yesterday’s Daily Mirror which I would plead to be translated into Sinhala and published in the Lankadeepa for the Sinhala speaking majority to understand what it is about

I was grinning to myself when the heading was about bringing about Asia’s best education system, when the three best Countries on the planet for Education are South Korea, Singapore and Japan, and Asia’s best will automatically be the World’s best. WHY NOT?

We have the world best brains, and we do a great job of removing that brain in 15 years of Montessori, Primary and Secondary schooling. If only any of the readers are able to judge the output of the school system for themselves they will simply be shocked. I believe the State University system removes whatever that remains, leading to the most uneducated Graduates on the planet.

Why would educated people (state university graduates) linger on for years in search of or waiting for a job, in an economy that that has 250,000 vacancies?

Our leaders are in denial, primarily because they themselves are uneducated. So how could you entrust them with the task of making decisions on the Education of the people of Sri Lanka?

Let us start with elevating the position of teachers, improving their Incomes, for quality people ONLY and train them appropriately to get our students to the level needed.

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