Friday, October 23, 2015

Its time to grow up and be held accountable, so we can get on with life.

Now that the Udalagama and Paranagama Commissions originally set up by the Rajapakse Administration, have had their reports tabled in Parliament, along with the UNHRC Resolutions, we can finally begin to accept that both the LTTE and the Armed Forces had parts to play in atrocities, without detracting from the fact that the Forces decisively defeated the LTTE to secure the Country from Terrorism.

IT IS IMPORTANT that we do not permit the forces of divisiveness to try and divide the Country again, using invalid logic that the Government is attempting to indict the Armed Forces who saved this Country, for war crimes, and that they are defending the forces against LTTE sympathetic Government.

It is time we grow up and accept that in times of war atrocities are committed, which pale in context with the LTTE crimes, to whom no one is now held accountable, as the perpetrators are dead, and the ones in the living were merely passengers and not the ones who gave the orders that lead to the massacres and other forms of loss of life.

It is always important to know that the LTTE which was merely a terrorist organization much like ISIS, bent on killing, cannot be compared with a National Security Force, and therefore the latter must be held accountable to a different standard, in fact a higher standard in such crimes.

In this way, the world will come to realize Sri Lanka has finally come of age, accepted its frailties, and moved forward, setting up laws and conditions so that past violations can no longer be carried out by a legitimate state in future. The Mahinda Opposition members cannot still get away from their use of race as a political tool to fool the masses, and we as a nation must collectively gang up against such traitors, (ALL THE MPS including MR, WHO SUPPORT MR WITH THIS CANARD)

Where are the Statesmen who can meet the likes of HRW in the eye and explain to them where they get off, and where to draw the line, removing the validity of any allegations they may have, completely, as being unfounded, now that the truth is laid bare, and they are merely mired in deep pit of innuendo! See link

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