Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What has happened to the High Interest Loans from China? Are we not able to renegotiate them downwards? Save billions annually in interest~

This is a Political Blog begun in June 2011, when one criticized the Government at one’s peril, and therefore one needed to be anonymous in bringing to the attention of the reader some of the goings on.

I have been a lone ranger fighting for the rights of the people this long, and whilst I have been happy with the turn of events on 8th January and 17th August of this year, I have yet to see a significant change in the attitude of our leaders, away from self interest to the public interest.

I am still with the notion that the PM is the only honest elected politician we have in Sri Lanka today, I just hope he can take control of the position he has and put political expediency aside by yanking the rogues, the moment they are caught with their hand in the till. He MUST set up a Internal Espionage system to catch all the notorious gangsters in the Government in the act, so he can dispatch them where they belong.

I now take up the story of the High Interest Loans as reported 4 years ago!

Whilst I am a firm believer that these loans can and should have been renegotiated downwards, the silence from this Administration on this is tome deafening! I expected annual interest payments to drop by over Rs250B as a result of the negotiations, and I can only conclude that the few people in the know about it, HAVE not resurrected this as they have been personally been handsomely paid off by the Chinese unbeknownst to the Prime Minister, who would be horrified at this Treachery.

I would ask the reader to alert the PM that this issue alone could result in the single biggest cost reduction of the Government grappling with how to fund its ambitious spending plan in the Budget that is set to be laid out on November 20th 2015.

I found it funny that the Finance Minister has asked for suggestions from the public relating to the Budget, without addressing the single largest source of cost reduction to him, that will make his task so much EASIER.

I simply ask the question, WHY NOT!!! On behalf of the Country.

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