Friday, October 16, 2015

Avant Garde – getting nowhere – too many powerful people bought off!

Finally the President has decided to take a stand, and take personal charge of the Investigation. However he is unable to grasp the full context of the interlinked relationships over the years, and RLL (Rakna Lanka’s) involvement.

It is therefore easy if other MOD personnel have also been bought off to mislead the President, they will surely do so, and he will be none the wiser. Frankly this investigation cannot be left to amateurs as it is now, as it is a very consummate professional, with tentacles all over the world and off shore companies who is the mastermind behind Avant Garde, who also has been able to this date to make sure that no one can find the source of the problem.

My advice to the President is NOT to start looking for non-existent evidence and instead immediately issue orders to the Navy Commander to take over the business of Avant Garde, and even form another Company like RLL to run the business, but nevertheless hire the Avant Garde staff at the lower grades to carry on the work they have been doing hitherto with minimum disruption to existing business.

Whilst the Navy cannot keep a Arms ship in the straits of Hormuz, a Navy owned company can do so flagged under a private flag. NO doubt Avant Garde will try to interfere in this business, and so that has to be carefully avoided.

I show some links below to some other entries to enlighten the reader on some of the nuances, not explained in the Press, and using the information above and the previous blog entries, the reader will be able to make up their own minds on the merits of the case.

I repeat it is not what it seems, so must be thoroughly investigated by professionals, who know what they are doing. It is worth hiring them.

Ceylon Today October 16 2015

March 11 2015

March 16 2015

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