Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Criticism is justified only when an alternative is proposed

Sri Lankans are a highly politicized lot, who love to take the existing Government to the cleaners. When people get together, Government bashing is fair game. All the faults are pointed out. But wait a minute what is the missing link?

In most other countries, along with criticism comes a very constructive proposal for change or improvement, so that the misdeed can be seen in perspective and corrected. Our education system ONLY teachers people to complain and not think of ways to improve their lot, or the lot of their Country.

We go the other way and compound the misdeed, as in yesterday’s case where the Finance Minister shoots his mouth off, saying that any money remitted from overseas will be gladly accepted, not taxed with NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Come on ! get a life! Are these the people we have entrusted with to manage the Country’s scarce resources in the most productive way? Any person with common sense will say “De Ja Vu” as people can steal money from the Country in the Billions, stuff them in Foreign bank accounts, and when the Government changes, bring this loot back to enjoy living in the Country, from which you stole the money. How bizarre can that be?  

This is almost like saying, he the Finance Minister will also engage in this corrupt practice of depositing his ill gotten gains in foreign accounts, and when the rogues of yesterday, return to power he will want a “quid pro quo”  allowing him to bring his loot with no questions asked!

This goes to the root of the problem, where incompetent people are put in positions of authority to further denigrate their title and put the Country to shame, where they do not realize that there is a better way to encourage the remittance of foreign funds from holders of foreign currency or accounts, without encouraging evasion.

It is now up to the PM to stop his Ministers from shouting their mouth’s off on matters they know nothing about, and instead use the State’s resources to bring the people to book for past transgressions, as that is what the people want, not general amnesties for traitors.

We expect better from our leaders, to correct the wrongs, make things better and perform their tasks with diligence, putting the Country first and only themselves much further back, instead of themselves first! Is this so much to ask for? 

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