Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A trained teacher is now the Prime Minister of Canada – Time we elevate our teachers to be worthy of running our Country

We in Sri Lanka so badly in need of new perspectives in attempting to change the caliber of law maker from THUG TO PROFESSIONAL could learn a thing or two from Countries we would like to emulate.

Justin Trudeau (son of former PM Pierre Trudeau 1919-2000) won an overwhelming and unexpected majority for the Liberals in Canada, at yesterday’s Canadian General Election.

At 43 this French and Maths Teacher of Secondary Schools, must be a role model which we HAVE to emulate in Sri Lanka where we elevate the status of Teachers right up to the top rung of society.

If we are mad enough to entrust our children’s education to teachers for 15 years from 3 to 18 the most formative years of one’s life, we must make sure they are of the HIGHEST CALIBRE POSSIBLE

Not only must we pay them well, we must get the best, attract the best retain the best and promote the best to lead the way in Education of the Country’s future.

The link above in a nutshell explains what a mess our education has become due to politicization and lack of recognition of their contribution to society, but most of all, their singular inability to attract the best, as the politicians have reduced their profession to that of worthless garbage, treated with disdain, and against whom Political Victimization takes place on a daily basis.

You can be sure with young Trudeau at the helm, Canadian Education will be given a further boost, and resources will be spent to improve their education system further.

I trust we will congratulate him on his appointment, and send the Education Minister to attend his inauguration with a special message to supply us with Teacher Trainers to rebuild the quality of our teachers and set up a system of depoliticizing the teaching profession so that we can hire the best into teaching. 

Stop appointing unsuitable graduates to teaching and ensuring there is a professional way of assessing the quality of the teachers to reward the truly greats, to encourage them to mentor others, and be an example to the profession. 

I am so adamant that while it is important to remunerate better it should only go to the best 50,000 teachers and so others who are NO PATCH on them will at least try to emulate them, and still others try to enter the profession, where as in the past, they have decided to forego that chance.     

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