Sunday, October 18, 2015

What happened to the promises of change? Status quo with different faces!

Thanks to the attitude of the people, we as a nation allow both the Government and the Opposition to act with the same rhetoric we have seen in the past with different faces giving the same message. When there should be a mass uprising to protest at the contempt of the new leaders for the people who put them there, like the instantaneous protests we now see in the leaderless 3rd Palestinian Intifada, against Israeli occupation we see in all of Palestine, in the East of what is now occupied Israel, Gaza, West Bank and Jerusalem.

It is this apathy that allows the Sirisena Govt. to get away with doing all the wrong things, especially breaking almost every promise that was made. It is simply incredible how someone who is President only because the UNP amassed its resources to overthrow the Rajapakse Regime, now tries to emulate his erstwhile predecessor in many of the mistakes he made, and knowing the political landscape with years of experience with that arrogance, has learned a thing or two about this behavior, and wants to justify his similar actions.

The honeymoon period is now over, and there has been no progress in any of the promised legislation, and new Government seems bent on merely putting their favorites in positions of power, so that they either control them, or influence their behavior and pay off those who helped them. This kind of politics is practiced the world over, but Sri Lanka has been even more adept at helping friends and family over the professionals who should be put in positions of authority to run the appropriate agencies efficiently and NOT engage in corruption like the previous regime.

It is time that the lazy civil society of NGO wallahs take time to educate the rural people on the infringement of their rights, rather than reserve it to the English press for the benefit of continued supporters from overseas.

The NGOs all based in Air-conditioned Offices in Colombo appear to be shy to go to the hinterland. It is time the HQs of these NGOs move to the rural areas, as we don’t have to worry about Freedom of Expression and Expressing Independent opinion. It is only in far out rural areas with rural people that the NGOs can really make a difference that will force the Government to change course and listen to true Civil Society and not the bogus Colombo based Civil Society which is ONLY CIVIL and have NO SOCIETY backing for their point of view. The Government is happy with the current status of Civil Society knowing how they operate, and I therefore challenge the immediate move out of the Western Province to agitate in the provinces.             

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